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Powering a Quarry


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Hi Guys,

I'm new here but trying to find a resolution to my problem seems in vain or just doesn't work so here goes.

I have 4 combustion engines running into a MV Engine Generator this is connected to a MFE by a Glass Fibre Cable. This is fine and powers up the MFE with no trouble.

Now what I want to do is power my Quarry from this MFE so I connect a Glass Fibre Cable from the MFE to a Energy Link then I run a Wooden Conductor Pipe to a Power Teleport Pipe. At my Quarry side I have the Power Teleport Pipe connected to a Golden Conductor Pipe into my Quarry.

I am no expert at Minecraft/Tekkit I trying to get my head around things with youtube videos and forum posts but whatever I've find can't get this setup to work.

I have tried different pipes connections such as no Wooden Pipes or Wooden Pipes at both Energy Link/Quarry side and I don't get any power to go to the Quarry

Hope you can help me and if you need any more information I'll do what I can to provide this.

Thanks in advance

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