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Constantly getting electrocuted by insulated copper wires


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This is my setup, I made everything on my own without tutorials, so my setup could probably be more efficient but I am not concerned about that.

Whenever I am standing in those three positions while my macerator/furnace machine is running I will constantly be damaged, even from 3-4 blocks away. First time this happened I insulated all the copper wire but it still happens, now I just dont take any damage. It's very distracting. I googled everywhere before posting this so hopefully its not to obvious :P

Thanks in advance to whoever is awesome enough to help me out

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Your thread title says youre getting electrocuted by insulated wires, yet your screenshots show half a dozen uninsulated wires...

Is this really that confusing? Uninsulated wires, which you DO have, shock you. They will shock you from about 4 blocks away. Insulate absolutely everything.

The only time you should ever not insulate something is maybe if it is like 40 blocks underground and you'll never ever visit it again, or if you want to build an electric fence.

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