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EU Being used at an alarming rate

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I have been playing tekkit for a couple of weeks now, and have just now ran into difficulties with a huge EU drain that seems to be from no where. I originally had a batbox being charged by a geothermal generator that ran all my equipment - charging bench MK3, Rotary macerator, Induction Furnace, compressor and recycler. For the most part it did it all no problem. I upgraded to a nuclear reactor and upgraded to a MFE in place of the batbox. I had the nuclear reactor feeding power into a MFSU with that feeding power to a MV transformer, which is feeding power to the MFE. Seems a bit complex, but I wanted it that way so I could just pipe HV all throughout the base and just put a transformer down on whatever needed a lower voltage. I hooked up a oil fabricator with MV and it ran perfectly fine for hours on the nuclear reactor + geothermal generator combo. I came back later, and both the MFE and MFSU were completely empty. The geothermal generator was sitting there doing nothing. I put more uranium cells in the reactor (a 90 eu/t reactor) and I sat and watched the charge on the MFE. It would quickly get up to about 300 then go back to 0. Over and over again. So I disconnected everything, and it charged right up. I reconnected everything, and boom, it drains at easily the maximum of the glass fibre cable at 512 EU/t. I disconnect everything again, and look at my machines. When I hook the power up, the rotary macerator and induction furnace come on, but the compressor and centrifuge extractor would not power up. I disconnect the oil fabricator, same thing. I disconnect the compressor and centrifuge extractor, same thing. Any ideas on what could be draining all the EU here?

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Doesn't the Oil Fabricator drain as much energy as you can give it as fast as you can give it?

I'd say disconnect that first and see how fast your energy drains then.

Edit: Sorry, you said you tried that.

How many Overclockers and Energy Storage Upgrades do you have installed in your machines? Remove all of those first, and see how well things power up then.

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