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My tekkit servers lag

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You could have a 10000$ PC with 64gb of ram it will lag if you don't have a good Internet access, please go on speedtest.net and post the link of your result here, I'm nearly 100% sure its because of your Internet speed or you try to have to many people connected together. The main important speed is the upload one, and if you share your Internet with daddy, mommy or brother or sister on their computers or x360 at same time, you can totally forget about running your own server unless you have a 100mbps/100mbps line at home which is very unlikely.

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Theese are the results, Thats prety bad i think anyway :(

Is anyone able to host a server for a few peeps to go on now and then? if so gimme ur skype name

Yup you could have perhaps 1 player with you, but over that you can forget it totally, better ranting a dedicated server or find a tekkit one that isn't open to public (to avoid griefing and bad people, they are everywhere on all public tekkit servers sadly)

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