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ComputerCraft Security Card Protected Door?

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OK, so here is what I am asking. Is it possible to have a code and a step by step method on how to write the code. Even from making the computer. I have a double door and which I hope will be opened when someone enters a Security Card, or floppy disk. I want it to also ring a note block. So I will need it to emit multiple redstone signals or both. I want the password to be "Machines" and the floppy disk to be titled "Access Card" Please if you can post the step by step method below.

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Don't bump. It's like saying " Hey! I have nothing useful to contibute, but I am gonna post anyways because I want people to notice me, despite the fact that I could be bumping more important/useful topics to another page!"

Also, stop being such a lazy bastard and figure out how to do it your self instead of asking people to do it for you. it is one thing to ask for help, it is another to ask for it to be done for you.

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