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How do I add bukkit to my hack/mine server?! I've gotten a 1.2.3 minecraft server jar and added the hack/mine files inside of it, then made a batch containing the following.




"C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe" -Xmx3072M -Xms3072M -jar minecraft.jar


Can anyone help?

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hi well thats were i am in the proscces of updateing it to MC 1.2.5 then to Crafbukkit 1.2.5 (pritve) , after i remove the Chuck protection commands and some other stuff from the Villnaia mod, then we add modiffed ModloderMP,shaders mod and a few other tweaks (items,blocks,Mobs plus the teekit Teams luncher makes much easyer), then we have allready forked ciztens 1, worldguard, worldedit so we can then add Hack/slash/mine support. why we doing this becouse we feel that vanilla just doest have what it takes to handle the new Hack/slash spells api and scripting api (when it comes), which we feel can be enchanced via plugins (proof - spout , Voxel Pack (the bubble chat plugin and client mod) ). so in a nut shell Hack/slash/Mine is bascly using MC as a Voxel Sandbox to produce a game better than MC is of late and add the MMORPG feel to it (1.3, 1.4 are just fillers and the MC api wont be here till at least next year , proof cheack out there github and your see there hasent been much done on it for 2 months), so yes i thank the Hack/Slash/mine Dev and Tekkit Devs for bringing a Whole new Game to mc and proven that not every body wonts to just build.

plus once we done what LuckeyCraft have started, there might be a whole new Commuinty of servers,Modders for a Hack/Slash/Tekkit commuinty on here, who knows what the furture may bring.

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unfortley H/S/M has a furture in that if it got ported just think of all the plugins that could be made. a completely whole do game etc. spout did it and now we know its posible due to vertigo and luckacraft doing it.The problium lies within the commuinty, if the ppl that ported for privte use actulary were more commuinty based H/S/M would be the next beast thing to tekkit and spout. the possibletys are endless. even actlay looking at the code to day to see if its possible to added H/S/M to the spout client, then thats even more possibltes (unlimted blocks, Items) for H/S/M. but im only 1 person so its going to take some time (wish we had the source would save loads of time with haveing to keep recodeing the Emu Files but i can wish).i keep you posted on how im doing.

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I'd love to see a port, I wouldn't say it is a must do right now kind of thing, with 0.6 adding some stuff for server admins you can keep control over a server if your mods are good enough and it is easier with stuff like McMyAdmin. The only things I would use bukkit for on a mod like this would be WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Buycraft and Essentials, mainly for the chat formatting, but anyway Frizzil this is a winner mod :D Please keep this going, I hate vanilla minecraft - with a passion, I don't even play I just admin so I need something to justify me spending cash on this game :P And if you do port it to bukkit and need someone to test it before the release WIIIIIIINK WIIIIINK NUDGE NUDGE :P

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