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Question on Bukkit Plugins that work with Tekkit Server

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I am looking to make a private Tekkit server for some friends and I wanted to see if anyone has a good suggestion for a permissions program?

I would like to also use the following plugins and wanted to know if anyone else is using them, if so what versions and if you had any issues?


Worm Hole Extreme


world Builder

Bukkit Essentials



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Woke up this morning and my stats were completely wiped out from the server, where yesterday they had been working fine. The command that shows the top stats on the server within the mod came up with no results for anyone anymore. Checking the server console came up with an SQL Sequencing error and a server restart seemed to have fixed the stats.

However, a few hours later I looked at my server log which came up with an error listing some sort of EventListener not being able to communicate with mcMMO. Turns out its been spamming this error ever since I installed it 2 days ago. Removing mcMMO has resolved the issue.

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