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[3.1.2]OWNTekkit![PvE/PvP][100 slots][Open][Factions][][TimeIsMoney][24/7][Staff Always Online]


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★★★ OWNTekkit★★★ 24/7 == {Factions}Lag Free Mature Staff ==


We're pleased to announce the launch of our Tekkit server. We are currently running the following plugins {Factions , Residence} ,various anti-cheat plugins, and many more. We Have built a nice community for everyone , and our server is free to play, simply log in and start your building. Come check us out..

Server ip: own-mc.com

Server Rules:

No racist comments

No mods / x-ray

Friendly Community {Be Nice:)}

List of plugins:



Mob Disguise

Current List of Banned Items:

All Rings(SwiftWolf's Rendering Gale Is Usable)

Stones {soul,body,life,mind}


Block Cutter


Anti-Matter Relay

Loot Ball


Block Breaker

Red Matter Chest Plate

Infernal Armor

Quantum Chest Plate


Transmutation Tables

Klein Star's

Mining Lazers




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So we had a poll for energy condensers to ban yes or no and it was very one sided to Not ban them. There are concerns of it hurting the server economy so we will see how this plays out. We will be monitoring the server closely to see if this effects it in a negative way and will adjust things accordingly to help keep the server fun and enjoyable. For now the mass's want them and were cool with that so enjoy.

We will be having regular poll's to help keep the server up to date with the things people really want. Some things are broken and exploitable so can't be put to a vote but some are just a question of different play taste or a question of OP. We want what YOU want :). So take part in the poll's and make the server what you want it to be.


Thanks from everyone at OWNMC.

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Server is extremely corrupt. The owners just don't know how to maintain a balanced and moreover brilliant server. They don't have any intelligence to spot a balancing issue and take around 5 hours to do simple updates. Furthermore, for expressing my opinion I was jailed and muted, an admin was telling me shit and asking me if I understood, but; because I was muted I was unable to reply. Again a supreme lack of intellectuality was shown by deagol1 as he told me to use /r even though I couldn't due to the mute. I was then BANNED for not replying, which I was unable to do. I've never played such a fun server but the admins just aren't smart enough in their thinking and how to run a server. Diabolical. Disgraceful. Do not visit this server.

Ps, fix your dupes.

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You constantly abuse admins and were warned many times i know your mad for getting banned rite now but it is for the best man. We tried to be patient with you for a week now but you keep causing to much trouble. We just want a fun place for everyone to play not a bunch of drama and you abusing admins with bad language and stuff all the time is no good. Maybe when things calm down a bit we can work things out and get ya back in the server. For now you will remain banned though sorry.

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Sorry, but you are a liar. I have NEVER abused admins nor have I swore at them. I wanted this server to go far, it IS wrong in so many aspects, seriously, take a look at the other servers, you don't know how to balance raiding because you don't do it. You MUST listen to your best players who raid the most, who the fuck adds lwc when it's a factions server? There is absolutely NO logic EVER in that sentence. When I queried about that I was told 'You get the stuff when they die' Do you have brains?!?!?!?! Anyone with brains would not risk much but armour and a sword, if you raid a base then you should get EVERYTHING. This isn't a factions server; It's a server for wimps. Raiding is RUINED, impossible and rediculously unbalanced.

As i said, take a look at the other servers PLEASE just look at their ban list, plugins etc because at the moment you have it ALL wrong.

You take ages to do updates and quick fixes, which meant to some idiots teleporting to me and stealing my base coordinates, how is that fair in any way?!?!

Sort the server out, I assure you that it's far from the best it COULD be.

I do not wish to return to the server.

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Well the server is a week old not all balance issues can be resolved rite away. We are working hard at making sure the server has the balance that most people want. So far very very few complaints on that, you are in a very small minority of people that might have a problem with the current balance. This is evident due to the solid number of players we have all day and very few complaints.

If the servers not rite for you then maybe its best you move on man. Sad to see ya go even though you caused so much trouble. No hard feelings good luck to you in the future.

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No one else has had any complaints about that if you had a problem waiting for something were sorry we try as hard as possible at all times. And respond to any issues someone has rite away.

And not to drag this out but we were having problems with some of the plugins that had to be resolved. We resolved the problem. Sometimes it takes a little longer then we might like.

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