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No Power to quarry from MFSU [PICS]


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this is driving me mad I am trying to power my quarry from my mfsu but no matter what I try it will not work, even sending fibres directly to the link without the transformers.

Mfsu>fibre>mv transformer (3 dot into power source)>lv transformer (3 dot into power source)>fibre>link>wooden conductive>power tele>power tele>stone conductive>quarry


any help appreciated

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Thanks for the reply guys that was quick, I am totally new to tekkit (1 week) so still learning, whats a redstone signal? and will try a stone conductive now

Okay a gold conductive isntead of wood still didnt work, how do I add a redstone signal?

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When I do this I put:

cable -> Energy Link -> Wooden Conductive Pipe -> Stone Conductive Pipe -> Power Teleport Pipe

Try doing it all in a straight line. I know it shouldn't matter, but I've seen weird things happen.

Use an EU Reader on the cable right before the Energy Link to confirm that power is going into the Energy Link.

Try putting the Stone Conductive Pipe going into the Quarry from the side. I know it shouldn't matter, but again, I've seen weird things happen.

Edit: Also, pick up the Energy Link and put down something simple like an Electric Furnace or a Macerator. See if they power up. If they do not, then the problem exists between your MFSU and the Energy Link. As mentioned above, maybe you have a lever or something next to one of the Transformers somewhere.

How far away is your Quarry? Is it possible that the chunk is unloading as you go back and forth between your base and the Quarry?

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I'm having the same problem. My setup is a lot more simple, though. I've got a geothermal to glass fibre to batbox. From that, glass fibre to energy link. Out of the energy link, I've got wooden conductive to stone conductive, which is connected to the quarry. The black and yellow wire frame is there, so the quarry is set. The blue electricity line is going through the pipes into the quarry, but it's not moving. It's literally just using the energy from the geothermal and not doing anything with it. Any ideas? Or is the server I'm playing on just broken? Quarries work for other people without energy links. I want to use my setup, because it's a lot simpler and won't explode, but it's not functioning.

Nevermind. I was told to put the quarry within my claim to keep it on my own land, but I figured out that it doesn't have "permission" to build within that area, so it can't be in protected land.

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I power all my quarry''s off the energy link without an issue this is what I use.

MFSU > Energy Link > Wooden conductive pipe > conductive teleport pipe

On quarry I just use wooden conductive > conductive teleport pipe (set to recieve)


The energy link needs to be connected to the MFSU via the 3 dot/odd side. If you connect the energy link to any other side of the MFSU it doesn't work.

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iwolves, you can step it down to LV. The quarry runs at full speed with 9 EU/t. That's over 500EU/t being put out to the quarry and not used. Multiply that by 20 and you've got your EU loss per second. The numbers are shocking. Use a batbox, friend.

b0bst3r, that's because the 3 dot side is the output. Anyone who knows that's the output will know that. lol

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