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File version.json not found


I have been having this problem for a bit now, and just now decided to take the problem to the fourms

Whenever i open up the technic launcher it works just like it should, however when i try and play a pack it just goes away like its going to open the game but it just comes back to the launcher after about 15 secoends.

I pulled up the consol and i think i pinpointed the problem, here is what it reads:

File version.json not found in C:\Users\super dave\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks\vanilla\bin\modpack.jar

not really sure what it means, most likely something simple and easy to fix, but I dont know much about files and tent to stay away from them due to screwing up stuff in the past trying to do stuff with files

i have windows 7 and this happens with all of the packs from vanilla to hexxit... everytime...

(sorry if this is a repeated question, i looked really ! but maybe i accidently skipped over it, so if this gets removed and stuff i understand)

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