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Keep nether running

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Hi, I just recently made a server and want to have some machines in the nether running even when I'm not logged in on my account. My question is if there is a script or txt doc I can use to leave the nether running on the server when no one is on. My friend suggested having some sort of NPC in the nether at all times, but I don't know if that will work either.

Thank you

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Thanks to a plugin tossing up errors every time a block was broken, I noticed my cobble generator (made from redpower breakers) kept working fine even with no one on the server. Other stuff around the generator worked find too.

Maybe try that?

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I have been trying to get this to work on my server but it seems that the chunk loading block and also any chunk loading plugin I try do not work with stuff from IC2 or EE.

I had a cobblestone generator that used block breakers (from Redpower?) and that will continue to run when nobody is online, a macerator or energy condenser connected to it will not keep running however.

I have had to restore from backups a few times now because someone left a setup like that running.

With the macerator, it just dropped cobblestone all over it and caused massive lag in the area. It took ten minutes to travel the ~30 blocks over to the machine so I could pick up the cobblestone. The macerator seemed to just stop processing after a point and the internal storage filled up, at which point the cobblestone in the pipes was just dropped on the top of it.

The same thing happened with the bigger setup my buddy had that was using an energy condenser. Needed to restore from backups with that one.

My automated chicken grower does work with the chunkloading stuff, had to redo it so it would shut off after a time to avoid creating way to many chickens. Vanilla and Redpower stuff seems to function just fine.

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