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  1. I've started playing your map and it's great fun so far, only issue is when you put the first item in it flashes all the lights including the done light.
  2. After watching the video I can tell you I don’t have any of the issues that you have described/shown and the reason is because I don’t have open pipes in my system. As I’m sure you’ve worked out the items will go to the closest open inventory in the system (unless it is blocked by a colour) and an open pipe is classed as valid route even for colour tagged items. What you should do is (especially for cobble, dirt and other numerous items) is have a second inventory further away on the pipe network from the main chest. You could put a recycler or a lava pit which is coloured yellow (so only yellow tagged items will use it) and make it a physically longer journey than your yellow tagged chest. That way the recycler or lava pit will only be used if the chest is full. So basically what I’m saying is remove all the open pipes from your network and give them a correct place to go.
  3. There are 20 ticks in a second so it would be: 10,000 ticks for a battery = 500 seconds = 8.3 minutes So almost a full Minecraft day to charge a battery.
  4. Making more of them should do it. Seriously though, I’m pretty sure you can’t speed them up.
  5. A peat farm is the way to go for forestry machines; they are designed to be powered full time with low power. If you create a peat farm you can then use peat engines to power all your forestry stuff, the fuel lasts ages, and when peat is harvested it creates dirt. As an added bonus the peat engines produce ash which can be used to create fertilizer.
  6. Are you sure the EU reader is not in Tekkit, you may want to check again.
  7. You could connect to the internet just long enough to join the server, once you are verified you should be able to disconnect from the internet. You should be able to use your phone for this as it would be very little traffic.
  8. Do chuck loader blocks keep the nether running in SMP? I know they dont' work in SSP.
  9. Not being a modder i can't say for sure but having your mod or idea included in Vanilla should be an honor.
  10. While I too would love that to be the case unfortunately it’s not reality. I personally feel that mod makers are much more open to mod packs now that Technic is out and the interest and money that it generates for the mod makers is known. Problem is of course that Kakermix, in doing the Technic pack, pissed off a lot of the mod makers and some just won’t forgive and forget regardless of how much money/fame they get from it. I myself have donated ~$70 to various mod makers and I make a point to tell them it’s because of Technic. I addition, I donated $30 to Industrial Craft. To make that $30 thru Adfly would’ve taken ~75,000 clicks. Winging about loss of Adfly money is stupid!
  11. Chunk loading blocks won't work in the nether as it gets completely unloaded when you leave.
  12. When Kakermix made the first Technic pack he wrote an abusive letter to the Minecraft modding community. Most of what he said was correct but it was a bit harsh. This may have something to do with the hate levelled at Technic. I was on the Industrial craft forums when the Technic pack first came out and there was a serious amount of anger over the pack. It pretty much disappeared though when the donations started rolling in, at least for Industrial craft anyway.
  13. I use redpower deployer, filter and retreiver with an infinite water source to feed buckets of water to my water mills or lately i'm using a the peat farm with peat engines. The peat farm option is very cheap to simple to setup.
  14. Yes it does but you can run the reactor without any cooling cells or heat dispersers so you more than make up for the loss of one chamber.
  15. Using a RP2 retreiver you can pull only the empty buckets out of the reactor. Couple this with a deployer and filter (and a crap load of buckets) you can cool your reactor with the need for ice.
  16. Re: Texture Pack [128x] Sphax PureBDcraft [v6.0.6 and down] [bees fixed] Sweet, cheers for the links.
  17. I too would like the ability to add custom mod packs to the launcher. Maybe a feature request can be submitted to the Technic team? (If i knew any programming at all i'd look at, maybe I will anyway)
  18. Yes it only takes 9 diamonds to make a collector but the collectors can only create fuel and at only 4 EMC/s. To turn that into diamonds, or any matter, you need to make a Energy Condenser which costs 5 more diamonds. You will need to seed the Energy Condenser with another diamond (bringing the total to 15) and it will start making diamonds at a rate of 1 every 34 minutes.
  19. It would be far cheaper to just create an IC2 solar flower and hook that upto a BC quarry. A decent EE flower takes ~153 diamonds to make vs the BC quarry that takes 11.
  20. The new version doesn't allow you to get ores anymore, you always get ingots so the macerating to get double is gone. Also there is no direct transmutation between fuel and matter (redstone, coal, etc are fuels). It takes less time and resources to setup a IC2 Mass Fabricator
  21. Yep, with the new EMC values it's not worth harvesting cobble to make diamonds as it takes 128 stacks of 64 to get one diamond.
  22. The latest version of EE is much more balanced to other mods like Redpower and IC2 than it used to be.
  23. Re: 6 chamber Nuclear Reactor Setup I use Redpower to feed buckets of water into my reactor. Other than that it has no cooling yet it can safely produce 240EU/t with no cooldown
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