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Disable Cheat Mode for players


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I am new in Tekkit. I just created a server to play with some friends and I would like to dissable the Cheat Mode for all players, but allowing the Recepice Mode. I can do it be de-oping the players but this dissable also the tp option, and I would like to keep this last one on. How can I eliminate the Cheat Mode option and keep the Teletransport option for all players?

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TP isnt a vanilla command as far as I know...

If you have TP abaility, you probably installed something like essentials. If so, add teleport permissions for the players who you want to be able to teleport, as per the format for permissions of that mod.

Or some mods give the option of simply turning on teleportation or other things for all players (essentials is one of thse, check the config file)

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