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[1.7.10] STH Gaming Evo [PvE] [12 slots] [Whitelist] [STH Gaming Evo]

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STH Gaming Evo





IP: evo.sthgaming.com

Technic: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/sth-gaming-evo

Uptime: Since August 2015, 98.9986%


Server Specifications

  • RAM: 32GB Dedicated Debian Machines.
  • RAM Decicated: 8 GBs dedicated with another 8 GB possible.
  • Processor: Intel i7 clocked at 3.4Ghz
  • Bandwidth: 500 Mbps uplink/downlink. Burst to 1 Gbps. No cap.
  • Location: France. Canadian/American/Australian have said lag is not a problem.



STH Gaming Evo ModPack

Technic: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/sth-gaming-evo

If you ever wanted a modpack where you cant get endgame items in a week or two or a pack that presents a very real and difficult challenge for you to survive in, then consider trying the STH Gaming Evo Modpack. It is extremely hard, and I guarantee you will die. If you don't, well, you have set some sort of improbable record! The pack enforces you to dedicate at least 2gbs of RAM (Or else you'll crash), but we recommend 4gbs as that tends to be the sweet spot. The technic page for the modpack contains some helpful guidelines for getting started in game because it can be very hard even for the most experienced modded players.




  1. Don't grief.
  2. Don't steal.
  3. Don't assume Factions.
  4. Do not PvP without consent.
  5. Do not try to intentionally break the server.
  6. Keep your machines and entity load respectful
  7. Have fun :)



Whitelist Applications:

 - (Email to [email protected])
Your name:
Your Minecraft username:
Your email:
Your age:
Why would you like to join us:

Any other comments:

When you are accepted I will reply to your email with any details you may need :)


What is STH Gaming:


We are a close-kint just over 50 member community of passionate gamers just looking to have fun! Our age ranges from 16 years old to 40+ and our admin team members are knowledgeable and respectful.

You can read more about STH Gaming at (Website WIP): http://sthgaming.com

You may join our public teamspeak server at anytime using the IP: sthgaming.com and we also now have a discord server you can join upon request!







Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it. If you find any bugs or loopholes in the modpack, just let me know!

STH Gaming Evo Modpack and Server overview: https://youtu.be/0ncjv8dTRFA

Thanks, Shawn (Mrsal511)

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