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How do I use Bukkit Plugins? Particularly Essentials.


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So i just installed tekkit 2.1.1 and its all running fine and such. But i cant for the life of me get essentials to work. Is it supposed to work? Is there some secret trick i forgot to do?

Please excuse my nubness. Im experienced with craftbukkit servers. But this im almost completely lost on.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice!

Edited - oops, didnt know signing wasnt allowed.

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just an FYI, signing your posts is a bad idea. it's also explicitly against the rules, found here: http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,44.0.html

edit: ninja'd by a mod. oh well

Thanks for the heads up! =p I edited my post myself also, and it will NOT be happening again!

Anyways, anyone have any insight as to what to do about essentials? or something to substitute for it?

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I use essentials and it works just fine. Install it just like you would any other time...

Hmm, interesting. Ive tried a variety of Essentials versions, anywhere from 2.8 - 2.9 latest dev build. And the plugin will never load, every time i type /plugins or look in the logs it doesnt load the plugin.

Thats really my main problem, is that it wont load the plugin. It just shows up red when i type /plugins.

Thanks for the reply codemonk!

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I use Essentials just fine. Just make sure you're using a version of it designed for the build of CraftBukkit that Tekkit is using (b1938 I think? It's 1.1R4)

I've gotten used to not updating plugins unless something is broken, since it will often cause said breakage.

If Essentials itself is refusing to load, I would recommend setting up a directly on your local machine with a fresh Tekkit install and throwing Essentials and whatever permissions system you're using on it and nothing else.

Also, note that Tekkit ships with CommandBook by default. They do similar things, so you might want to remove or use that instead.

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