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[3.1.2]Minecraftforce Tekkit Server[Hardcore PvP][24 slots][Factions,Towny (both)][No banned items]

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This is a basic 24/7 Server with 24 slots. SLOTS UPGRADED


The IP is: (no port)


The tekkit version right now is 3.1.2 If it changes, we will notify it via the motd.









This server is Hardcore PvP, but with FACTIONS. This means that everybody can grief enemy factions. For further info, look at our rules section.

We have a few rules, to avoid the unnecessary conflicts:

1. You may not use any additional mod, only those included in the launcher.

2. You are allowed to use x-ray textures, NOT the mod.

2.5 - Do not abuse the "no banned items" thing

3. You may not kill or grief the members of your clan

4. You can grief ONLY enemy factions, but stealing from chests is okay.

5. If you find a bug, like a duplication bug, you must REPORT it. If you abuse bugs, you will be perma-banned.

#6 NEW RULE! The emc farm made with sugar canes is not allowed. We are not going to ban the items to make it, but we installed a plugins that searchs from them and then, warns an admin/mod. The mod checks manually if it's a sugar cane emc farm or it's not. If it is, It will be removed, meaning in losing everything you used to build it.

Again we repeat we diden't ban any item, every item (sugar canes, void ring...) will still work. The reasons for the new rule:

1 - That emc farms lags like hell. When more than 2 are running on server at once items won't drop when mined.

Oh, and please do not build "lag machines"

About events, yes, we have events. Most events are random. When the server is full, we organize random events without notice.

The timezone of the owners is GMT +1

We are looking for any kinds of pepole. This is a server designed to have fun without any complex rules.

Our main plugins are Factions and Essentials.

Oh, I forgot two things!!

Or forums are located at http://minecraftforce.com/forum/index.php

Broken webpage

(Also, sorry for my english, it's bad, I know)

Want to help the server without giving money? Make a video of the server and we'll post it here!

When making this thread, I think i've met all thread-making rules. If I did not, send me a PM and I will fix it.

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