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Is this a usual thing?


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Okay, guys.. i want everyone to be serious about this.. I was playing on a tekkit server earlier.. (like 10 mins ago) and.. The server crashed but my friend who had just donated money had a reserved slot and wasnt kicked when it crashed. then everything started dissapearing in backwards order from how we built it, until nothing was left. then he did /spawn, and when he did that he turned tiny like 1/16 the size of what he should have been, and then he saw the admins of the server get on about 30 times the size of him, and started building what he knows as being the spawn. Then when they were done everyone else came on as huge people too, and started rebuilding what had happened before. Then him as a bigger person came on and did what he had first done on the server. Hes still watching this as im typing and if you dont believe me, i dont know what but i think he got glitched into like the server memory bank or something and now hes watching everything that had happened. PLEASE RESPOND IF YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!

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I believe that's called "too much booze"..

imaginative story, but impossible to happen. The map doesn't store who put blocks, when and in what order and where that player was when they put it...even if they used a logging plugin like logblock..it doesn't store the avatar themselves that put it, just the name and time. Nothing to do with the avatar of the person.

I think you are confusing 'minecraft' with 'the matrix'..

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