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Any dutch help for me?


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if you arn't dutch, you will probably NOT be of any use here. i'm not being a rasist, i just need some help. typing some english like im doing now goes just fine, and reading isn't really a problem (most of the time) but for difficult things like learing java is just a bit over the top for me. yet, i will try and do this post in english, unless i really need to explain somthing very very detailled.

i tried to learn java code a while ago. it was difficult, and it all didnt work out that well. yet i do want to be able to create my own plugins or even my own mods. i've been working on a small plugin for a while, when i noticed i don't even know how to write an variable. (wich is quite an essential part of a plugin...)

i tried to follow some english guides about how to write one. i didn't get a word of these guides, even those offered by oracle itself.

so, are there any dutch guides woch could help me out? or do i need to learn a diffirent language first? and if i do, is there a dutch guide for this language?

i would greatly appriciate your help.

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