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[3.1.2]Scorpion-Gaming Tekkit![PvP/Events][250 slots][24/7][Towny][NO LAG][Good Staff][Website]


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Want only the best gameplay, experience and fun on a tekkit server, which you can join anytime you like? Then this is the server for you! Find out for yourself today:

Our Forums? http://scorpion-gaming.co.cc (old) - Our I.P? tekkit.scorpion-gaming.in

Like the server? Please show the love by commenting!

(sorry for the downtime, we are backup and better than before)


Scorpion-Gaming run on a powerful system, which we thought was necessary for you to get the ultimate, and flawless experience whilst on the server. With the following hardware, we believe, that you can hardly go wrong. We run on 16GB of DDR3 Memory (RAM), which runs beautifully along side a DEDICATED Intel i5 processor with a frequency of 4x 2.66GHz with a hard disk of up to 2 TB (2000 GB). The best part? We're running on extreme French servers, famous for their super-fast internet connect. Running on a Linux system. So, with all that backing you up, we think you'll have a blast!

Currently our server has a small community, however, we already have a couple of dedicated members. We would be overly happy and very pleased to have you as a member on the server! Our server is Join-and-Play, no "Sign Up to be able to build!". So, come on in, and enjoy the Scorpion-Gaming experience!


Scorpion-Gaming runs a fair few fun plugins to ensure that you enjoy your stay, here are a few:

MineCars (Our 100% favourite, you can ride cars on our motorways in minecraft).

LWC (Lock Chests from other players).

ChestShop (For the shops).

iConomy (For your /money!)

Buycraft (This makes it ultra easy to donate!)

Towny (to create one, you must be a donator, you can join with any rank).

Want more features? Simply tell us by messaging us here, or telling us in game! We hope you enjoy these features!

Blocked Items? We only block items that can potentially grief the server (destruction catalyst, nukes).

Blocked Mods? We dislike disabling mods as it can ruin your experience, every single mod is enabled, however, NEI (Not Enough Items), will soon be removed on the server side.


We are proud to introduce our "Dual-Ranking" System kindly produced by one of our co-owners and a brilliant all-round moderator. This means that once you have reached the Builder+ rank (achieve by subscribing to our youtube, listed below), you can either choose the Moderator path or the Builder path, here it is:

To the Moderator rank:

- Watchman

- Watchman+

- Guard

- Officer

- Trial Moderator

- Moderator

- Moderator+

To the Evil Genius rank:

- Scientist

- Scientist+

- Technician

- Physicist

- Professor

- Genius

- Evil Genius


- Donator [small]

- Donator [Medium]

- Donator [Large]

- Supporter

- Sponsor [iron]

- Sponsor [Gold]

- Sponsor [Diamond]

- Special

For more info on donations, ask an Admin or Owner in-game.

You will be ranked up by being kind, helpful, keeping everything under control, and never getting into fights or arguments. Additionally, for the Builder path, keep building amazing stuff and showing it too one of our kind moderators.



Above you can see our stunning spawn, built by ZOROASTR1AN.


Once again another part of spawn.


The Cathedral


Portal Room


More of spawn

When you join our server, hopefully you will be welcomed by our moderators and/or members, and you can go ahead and enjoy yourself straight away. With our domain it makes it very easy to remember if you wish to tell a friend (I.P above and below). So, I hope you have enjoyed this promo, and wish to check out our server. We would adore to see you there!

I.P: play.scorpion-gaming.in

Forums: http://scorpion-gaming.co.cc

Youtube: http://youtube.com/mcscorpiongaming. (Subscribe to this to get Builder+).

Thank you,

Team Scorpion!

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After a talk with medfit (admin) i have found out that you was threatening our staff wanting to kill them and so on, and tbh i trust my staff alot, and by your ban message, there was a massive reason, if you still think this is unjust i will look through the 65mb log and get all the the threats you said towards my staff and personally find every thing you said and poast it to every tekkit server i can find to get you banned, so before you insult my staff please open your eyes and find you brain, and maybe ask the question "why was i just banned from this tekkit server"

And here is your ban report "[15/10/2012 00:35:01] Dustin - Medfit: Eardoll and Chachy95 perm banned for just coming online to cuss and troll."

Thank you for your time to give feedback, and i hope not to deal with you again!

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yeah sorry once its all sorted out with 100% ban list we will also make a plugin to tell you, as for now as you know the server is up and welcoming your arrival :), to keep up dated make sure you look on the youtube and our most recent update vid will be up soon to say whats going on and what has gone on, plus mine and richards new tekkit lets play

Have fun on scorpion-gaming

need any help feel free to message us on here, the youtube or maybe the old forums, or ask a moderator, or get a moderator to ask us if we are not on

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i like how the server looks. but why is it whitelisted.

whitelisted servers need to b in the whitelisted servers on the forums

if it ever becomes open please type to me about it

or anything else to explain to me i would like answers

gl with the server and i hope to see it a big hit in the future :D

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