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Please tell me how to remove Optifine from Tekkit


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I am having serious problems with Tekkit, but vanilla is working fine. I'm not going to go into details, as I have already made about twelfty different threadson different sites describing my problem.

The point is, I would like to disable or better yet remove Optifine, so I can see if this is the cause.

If it's not possible to remove, is it possible to install all the mods manually so I can avoid installing Optifine?

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This is a common problem I see.

A person says something isn't working, but think they know what will make it work.

However, they are unable to do that thing, so they ask for help.

I doubt removing optifine is what you want to do. What is the actual problem?

And where exactly did you make "twelfty different threadson"?

If you have a problem with tekkit, you should post here first, with a proper error log.

Optifine is a core mod, its not all the simple to remove.

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OK then.

Here is the bug report I made:


Here is the one on Minecraft forums:


Here is another on Minecraft forums:


Here is a thread with a similar problem that I replied to:


Here is one I made on the wrong forums, most replies on this one. None of them useful.


Here is the only page I can find with something close to a solution (to remove Optifine):


Here is a question on Y!A:


And another:


In addition to this, I have looked for a solution using google.







Haven't found a solution from any of this, also, notice how there are absolutely no useful answers on the Minecraft forums and Technic forums (except for the one about opitifine.

Most importantly, no one has looked at my "proper error log". I don't know why you have to insult me, saying I'm just assuming it must be Optifine, and assuming I haven't tried anything else, because really have tried everysolution I have seen suggested.

I'm not asking for your opinion on Optifine, I know a lot of people like it, but it really is the last option I have before I give up on Tekkit. It is stressful enough having a problem that suddenly stops you from being able to play. It makes it 10x worse when the only replies you get when asking for help are basically: "You're lazy, you cba to fix the problem yourself so you expect someone in the forums to do it." This is not even close to the truth. I have tried all solutions suggested.

Why do you and others have to make completely unhelpful and antagonizing posts?

Please: Tell me how to disable or remove Optifine.

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Most likely what you actually want to do is get the correct version of optifine for your machine. But hey, if you want to remove it, here's what you do.

Download optifine from the official source, and open it up. Look at the names of the class files.

go into your Modpack.jar in the folder for whichever pack you're using, and remove those class files.

For the record, removing optifine is stupid.

Also for the record, not a single one of us will ever go on minecraft forums, so going there for technic support is kindof like shouting at someone at disneyland, because Jet Blue lost your luggage.

It seems like you only made one thread in the right location, and it was less than 24 hours ago. Given that the details of problem consist of "it crashes" and your log doesn't show a crash, finding the exact problem will take time.

EDIT: Re-read your problem and it's definitely not optifine. an optifine problem would give constant low performance regardless of which pack you're using. The fact that this is only with tekkit means you're having a different problem altogether.

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Optifine does cause numerous issues, people. I have confirmed that on my client, at least, removing it made frame machines move vastly more smoothly, and it allowed me to use my own correct textures for things like basic glass blocks.

However, I also have a very nice computer with a nice grpahics card, etc., and did not need optifine for any performance abilities it gave. Thus, removing it in order to fix glitches made sense, and worked.

If your problem is just slow, laggy, etc. tekkit (I'm just guessing since you don't tell us what the problem is), then removing optifine would probably make it worse.

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