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Split tube direction with redstone?


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I want a lever that will tell my pipes to either 1. send finished product to warehouse or 2. send finished product to factory chest.

Is there a way I could hook up a pneumatic tube with redstone, so that I can decide if it should go left or right?

Or any other way.

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Unfortunately, no.

I think this is one of the biggest lacks of redpower, but that's what it is.

The work around is to make a system with block breakers and deployers to deploy and break the tubes.

But it always takes up more space than it should.

Let me know if you need help designing such a system.

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There may be a simpler way, but I think this one will work:

Put a chest where your split will be, set up a filter on both sides, then have a timer for each. Put an inverter behind one of the timers, and then wire the backs of both timers up to your lever. Now, if you've got this set up right, when you flick the switch one of your timers will start up, and the filter will start pumping out in that direction, and the other should stop pumping stuff out. It sounds complicated but isn't really that hard since its a mirror image of something you probably use a lot with RP2 tubes.

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You could do this:

    D  ___blue tube

- - - |___

    D    red tube


D = Deployers. One has red paintbrushes, one has blue paintbrushes.

Actually, the deployers would have to be sort of behind and in front, but whatever. They paint the tube differently, and thus cause it to connect to the other tubes or disconnect, to act as a routing splitter.

This is more expensive to set up than theprolo's method and requires periodic refills of paintbrushes. however, it would create less lag if you're doing a lot of splits in a row (no extra timers, etc.), and it also wouldn't mess with any of the timing of objects in tubes or the spacing or stack amounts or anything, which might be important for some people, especially in very delicately balanced machines.

Also, I've never tried painting magtubes. But if you are able to paint magtubes, then this method would allow you to split off accelerated items without decelerating them.

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Use two transposers. Have the incoming pipe stop then put two transposers facing it and connect more pipe to their output. When supplied with a constant signal they prevent items from passing through them. Then invert the signal you send to one of them.

Seconding this. Here is the full list if its capabilities

http://integratedredstone.wikispaces.com/Redpower+Machine#Machines-Restriction Tube (for some reason, you can't directly link to the Transposer section)

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Thanks for the ideas. I almost solved it by using two transposers as blaze suggested activating one of them. But I am having problem figuring out the redpower logic.

What gate do I need to put between the wire so it will light one side depending on lever state?


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