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The packs won't be initialized?


When I click 'play', it'll say 'Checking For Minecraft Assets', and when the bar gets to 100% it'll change to 'Installing Minecraft Assets'.

Then the launcher will close and in a blink open again.

That happened to 2 packs I installed today and tried to play (Mo' Creatures + Morph; Hack/Mine). I've no idea why this is happening. With packs I already installed (Example: Aether II - Genesis of the Void) they run just fine. I did try rebooting the computer.

I really need help with this, since I want to play Hack/Mine again so badly.

Thanks for the answers!

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Hello there my friend,


I've had the same problem. I tried anything, reinstalling java, reinstalling tekkit, installing older versions of java, ginving more ram to java, ect. nothing worked, but ive foud a solution. I got desprate, so I just reinstalled windows 10, and it worked.

To reinstall windows 10, go to settings, update & security, Recovery, click Get started, then keep my files, It will take some time, but it fixes the problem. Hope this helped!




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