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Tekkit for Minecraft 1.3.2

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I have been trying to look arround the page to see if tekkit are going to support the 1.3.2 Version of Minecraft, as I think its using 1.2.7? at the moment. I gues its really hard to change all the mods the this version, and a time consuming process, but will it support 1.3.2 in the future? Thats my question. =)

With kind regards

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Yes, Tekkit will likely* update to newer Minecraft versions in the future. The question of when is entirely dependant on when the mods are ready for it. Remember, Tekkit is just a collection of mods made by other people. If the other people don't update, Tekkit can't update.

* guarantees can only be given by the people making Tekkit.

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Weird I have already seen RedPower for 1.3.2.

I'm going to start a new server during the following weekend and since Tekkit seems to be a bit slow with the update, I will just install the mods myself. Not a huge deal really.

The official RedPower2 for 1.3.2 only went into alpha this past weekend.

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