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How to keep both dimensions/worlds loaded at the same time?


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I know this is tekkit SMP, but I do not see a tekkit SSP.....

Either way, I have been trying to do a ender chest geothermal setup from the nether with deployers and filters and ender chests, I have placed every single type of world anchor I can find, dimensional, world anchor, and teleport tethers yet when I leave the nether, it remains unloaded, and the items in the ender chest just don't appear, can someone help with this? Is there a way to fix this?

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No. You need a person in the dimension for anchors to work there, and with SSP, this is impossible in two dimensions at once.

However, each dimension keeps an area around (0,0) loaded at all times, about one render distance out, rgeardless of whether anybody is there. So a base in those coordinates would work. This is in SMP, at least. Dunno whether that's true of SSP.

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