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Massive lagg caused by adding a single timer


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Hey fellow tekkiteers,

I'm running a private tekkit server on my pc, mainly playing on it by myself.

Recently I wanted to make good use of my EU and make some UU-matter with mass fabricators. For this purpose I created a small wall of recyclers with a condenser feeding sand into them using pneumatic tubes. I added transposers to the front to take out the stuff and lined them with red alloy wire to connect to a timer, as shown below:


The problem is, as soon as I add a timer to the bottom row of red alloy wire, meant to get a pulse to the bottom row of transposers, tekkit starts to lagg uncontrollably, eventually kicking me out with ''lost connection: disconnect.overflow'' in the console.

Does anyone have any idea why this specific thing causes lagg? It doesn't make sense, since I have this monstrous HV-solar array factory just below, working fine without much lagg:

121wmq9.jpgIt uses about a hundred times as many timers, pipes and machines.

In case it's relevant, I'm running a system with:

4 gig DDR3 RAM

Phenom II X4 955 @3.2GHz

Task manager shows CPU usage under 60% and memory uses around 80%, so there should be plenty left.

Since this occured, I updated to CB++, but it didn't help

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Very well, signature removed.

I haven't changed anything on that front. Launch.bat shows ''java -Xmx3G -Xms2G -jar Tekkit.jar nogui

pause'' so I assume that means it has 3 gb assigned?

You might just have found my problem there. The techniclauncher itself had only 1gb of ram assigned, I changed it to 2 and now my memory use shows 90%+.

Is it normal that tekkit uses so much ram? 1.2 gb for the server and 1.5gb+ for the launcher itself. Anything I can do to reduce the usage?

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That's exactly what got me confused. I thought it may have something to do with it not being able to unload anything, but I added a chest for it to go to and it still lagged out. Maybe it has something to do with specific properties of recyclers?

I'm tempted to just buy 8GB of extra RAM, since it's not the most expensive part of a pc and i could use some extra anyways. But I'm just thinking it's not an issue of having enough RAM since the entire solar panel factory works just fine. Even when I have another person on my server, it does fine. I would think that having an extra person building on my server would cost more RAM then these 10 deployers.

Thanks for the feedback so far, Hushful, if you come up with anything else, it's greatly appreciated.

If anyone else has any ideas or came across a similar problem, I would love to hear it.

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Do you have 64-bit Windows, and did you manually install 64-bit Java. Regardless, if you give 2 to 3 GB to the server, 2 GB to the client, plus what Windows itself uses, that adds up to more than 4 GB.

If your Windows is 32-bit it cannot address more than around 3 GB total. If your Java is 32-bit I am not sure if the 3 GB limit is per process, or total for all running Java processes.

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I do have a discrete VGA, it's an ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series, it's not top of the line anymore, but it should be able to handle it I would think.

And again, it can handle that solar panel factory, it can handle a room full of crystal chests filled with stuff, what is it about this construction that makes it unable?

It's sphax 64x by the way, but I have 32x as well, tried it on that ánd on the vanilla minecraft tp, the problem occured on all three tp's.

@efflandt I have 64-bit Win7 and 64-bit Java 7u7, manually installed. You're right in saying that it adds up to more than 4GB, do I need to get more RAM outright then?

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Well, I think RedPower has its own "Fake Player", like Buildcraft has. Try OP'ing [Redpower]. Also, it's technically another player, meaning that it will take up quite some RAM, which explains the dropout.

Try playing a little with your client and server's allocated RAM.

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