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DeadPixelCraff21!!! Is now out !!





What is the modpack DeadPixelCraff21?

My modpack i have created, is a original modpack for 1.7.10. It comes with all sorts of mods and i decided to publish it on PMC.. The mod i like in this modpack is the featured one with lots of biomes, the ol' Biomd O' Plenty mod, Hopefully you guys enjoy singleplayer Because the official modpack server hasn't come out yet !

Terms and rules?


Server making: you are allowed to make a server based off of these mods, however, it will be classified as unofficial. The creator of  the  modpack is making a official server right about now if you didnt know! If you install any other mod and join our server when it is up. You will be banned in case you didnt know :/ (Server is not up officially yet)


Wheres the folder to create my server?


The download link is in this spoiler but just for your awareness, its the mods folder so drag it in to your gameplay mods directory from forge . or make a server and drag the mods into your host mods directory...

Version of the modpack: 1.1: Mods.zip!:  

Forge version: 1.7.10 forge

Modpack name: DeadPixelCraff21

Modpack website: 

how do i install the modpack launcher?

I simply made a tutorial on how to get my modpack launcher i will post one  of them:

Modpack installing forge and mods into the launcher directory

Video on how to install my mods: 
http://bit.ly/1mndshf         My (Mike is a bit unstable and shaky hopefully you can listen to me correctly)

Modpack website: 

Modpack launcher download: http://bit.ly/1CZQWwm

(Warning) If you are having any kind of error report to mojang, forge, or maybe technic launcher. the launcher has the console to copy and paste the error message into the thread. If the modpack is not working then you installed it in properly or the mods are not working together. Watch a video on youtube to resolve this issue or report to a website like technic forums!! (Im not sure about that)

How do i get the modpack?


These are the downloads to the modpacks:

Modpack website: http://bit.ly/1NYjg7m

Modpack Launcher download:  http://bit.ly/1CZQWwm

Modpack how to install the mods:  http://bit.ly/1mndshf 

Modpack download old version 1.0: http://bit.ly/1mmoS4L

Modpack download medium version 1.1: http://bit.ly/1JizZ8R

Modpack download Last and latest version 1.2: http://bit.ly/1Jj02wI

Enjoy our modpack and have fun!!


Why are you posting it on Technic forums ?

Because the MultMC launcher is made by someone who didnt want to make a website for the launcher. And i hosted this modpack on technic launcher before but i moved it to this one because technic wasnt working properly :D






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