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Hello, I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but if it has I can't find any results.

I'm trying to join a server (I'm new to this) and I have the tekkit engine and Hamchi installed. Every time i go to join an existing network on hamachi it says it doesn't exisit, and if i put the server address in the add server area it doesn't connect. Can somebody please help me?

I'm running technic launcher


win 7 x64

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sorry to post in the wrong section, but I said Hamachi OR tekkit, neither one will let me join. I've tried multiple servers and they all say they're online. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, like typing the address in the wrong spot or something. I just wanted to know if someone could walk me through the steps. I would rather not use Hamachi if I don't need to.

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It tells me it can't access the server, but I know the server is online and I copied the address exactly. I made sure there were no typos. It's okay I'm just going to wait for my friend to get his Minecraft working again and we'll play off my server. I was told a lot of accounts are getting hacked through online servers.

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