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Looking for a tekkit server


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Let me get straight to the point....

I'm starting to get slightly fed up with most tekkit servers, where people play competitivly, using only Industrialcraft and E.E. Dont get me wrong, I've got nothing against these mods, but its getting to the point where it has made me quit tekkit altogether, as people NEVER use any other mods and its starting to get to the point where its all getting abit boring. iIwant to go on a server where people actualy use the entire mod pack, rather that a small section of mods where they can get endgame items relatively easily. for example, when was the last time you saw someone using railcraft, or actualy getting to redpower. I for one have NEVER seen someone using the other parts of the modpack, and it realy gets on my nerves.

Therefore, due to the above I am posting this request, lookin for a server where people actualy use tekkit, and use each mod to its full potential. ANYTHING will do, if it just involves people actually using the rest of tekkit, Im not fussy. Il take what I get, but if possible I would like the server to have most if not all of the features listed below:

-Pvp, but not pushed to the extreme.

-Smalll groups of people playing tekkit to its full potential, with occasional small scale "War" (nothing to serious, eg, not major greifing).

-NOTHING off limits to anyone, so the modpack actualy gets the use it deserves.

-Preferably whitelisted, to keep the hardcore greifers and Pvp'ers away.

-Minimal plugins to keep interfearence at a minimum (should have /home though).

-Preferably European hosting to keep the lag down, UK if possible.

If anyons server is like what I need and complies with a minimum of 4 of the points above, please reply, and if the server is whitelisted, add me, my IGN name's Devilhenge.

If you have any questions, please put them in the reply.

Thanks for reading.

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I totally agree with you, I would love to play "with" people doing like some of the new plant type things (crossbreeding) and the beer mod, ooo and I've been working on making a pop-up house using redstone frame motors. And I would love to try and figure out some of the forestry stuff (not sure if forestry is still apart of tekkit). Well... if you find something like this maybe you could send me a message or something? I dunno, I hope you find what your looking for. Good luck!

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