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I made my account here by integrating it with my facebook account. well... i go to switch the email and it says i need to create a password to do so,

so i click the link so it will send the pass to my other email... well after 20 minutes it didnt send it.

i try to resend the email and it says "you already have a password"

so i try to change the email using my usual passwords. and nothing works.

if I logout today, i will never beable to log back into this site.


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2 words:

i am going to let you guess what they are

the first one:

starts with W

ends in G

ron is in the middle of the word

the second one:

begins with Sect

ends in ion

if you guessed WRONG SECTION, then your right...and should follow this

otherwise i would take to the answer i just gave you and post in the correct section of the fourms which is not here and not in the tekkit part of the fourms

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