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[3.1.2] RiffRaffSyndicate [35 SLOTS][PVE][Greylist][EE Nerfed][Grief Protection]


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NOTICE: Cause of tekkit-classic/tekkit-lite changes we decided to move on into tekkit-lite. Don't worry the current world is backed up and working fine on tekkit lite. Player inventory's aswell. New topic for the server will be up once testing is complete!




About Our Server:

Riffraffsyndicate is a gaming community that has expanded into Minecrafts Tekkit mod.

Running for 4 months and a 4 day break cause of faulty hardware Riffraffsyndicate Tekkit server is now back with more and better content for players to enjoy.

We upgraded the server and made sure all data is secure.

With our staff we work tirelessly to keep the server running continuously to prevent griefing, while managing to leave most of features intact for players, while only having to disable a few items. We are working on fixing most of the major bugs and exploits, especially with the overpowered Equivalent Exchange. This allows us to run a balanced server with EE almost entirely intact, but heavily nerfed.

The community around the server is very friendly, with Admins and Moderators encouraging players to join towns, villages, and to become full residents. Our development team aims to achieve balance between individual mods. While every mod may not be perfectly balanced, we expect you will find our server enjoyable at every stage of the game.

We use our own custom web application to manage the server aside of the console to ensure people don't have to wait long on support with any problem

Server Specs:

RAID1 setup drive for data protection

Quadcore CPU

8GB Ram

100Mb up/down link

500 GB dual setup drive (see RAID1)

More upgrades when we can afford it!

Server Features:

- The world is bounded to encourage interaction and the creation of infrastructure

- A five room tutorial quiz to give you heads up how the server works.

- We strife to provide you 24/7 server up time.

- Custom Mob arena, no defaults here we made good use of Tekkit

- Player driven transport system

- Nerfed EE so it does not ruin your fun.

- Player driven City's each with their own train/subway station

- Giant Player market area, 4 area's each with 3 levels of shops

- Custom grief protection & rollback mechanisms



Soon to be completed, we trive to give you updates trough our site and many more features.

- Web auction system, you dont have to be online to trade on riffraffsyndicate.

- Web api to control your account, transfer items, manage your protection area's and many more features to come with it.

- Forum Community, Chat with your fellow players of minecraft or join another game area that is available on the forums

- Teamspeak intergration, No unneccerary signups for the teamspeak server needed. just register at the forums, update your game username and your done.

These features and more soon to arrive on riffraffsyndicate.com

Plugin Features:

- LWC: Protect your stuff from thiefs or your neighbour

- Customized HawkEye to quickly repair any grief

- Buyable region protection with extra perks for your city

- Claimable land to create towns or protect your place from griefing

- Sellable/buyable claims, put your townplots for sale!

- Choptree to get those trees down like a boss.

- Essentials Economy

- Custom Mobarena - Time to kick some monster but!

Disabled Items:

- ComputerCraft

- MK2 & MK3 EE Collectors And Relays and Condenser

- ChunkLoader/World Anchor

- Hyperkinetic Lens, Catalytic Lens and Destruction Catalyst

- EE Rings (sorry they are to unstable and can cause allot of grief)

- Fire/water Amulets (disabled untill mod dev fixes it)

- RM Power armor (Infernal armor)

- Musket/Cannon/Blunderbuss

- Forcefields

First Time spawn - Tutorial Hall:


Silvian/Spawn town:


Monster Arena:



Credit goes to original builder!

Jail / Graveyard of the sinners:


Player Buildings:


Spencer's mansion from Resident Evil 1


Be respectful of the world. Try to keep the world looking nice, and build in the context of your surroundings.

Do not destroy landscape, try to keep quarries from doing so.

Be respectful of your fellow players. We shouldn't have to spell out for you what this means.

Violations of these rules will result in instant bans.

No griefing

No stealing

No stripmining

Server IP: tekkit.riffraffsyndicate.com

35 Slots on the Server

You need "Latest" Recommended Build of Tekkit to play on our server.

Our server is Greylist one. Meaning you can come look at us online, but to be able to build and thus become a "Builder" you need to apply here at this thread (Reply button) using this pattern:

In game name:


Time playing Tekkit:

Have you been banned: (dont lie we will find out)

Why would you like to play on this server:

(Please refrain from quoting the full topic!)

We look forward to seeing you online!

* We preserve the right to modify this topic to meet changes to the server.

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Top Posters In This Topic

In game name: xShriek

Age: 22

Time playing Tekkit: About a week

Have you been banned: Not been online before so no

Why would you like to play on this server: Been on a couple of servers and its abit too hectic, i really liked your idea of having a town, so that's why i'm joining.

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In game name:jamkill


Time playing Tekkit:4 hrs and a long tiem with watchign tekkit with duncan

Have you been banned: (dont lie we will find out)no

Why would you like to play on this server:im looking for a server to play on thats on alot and one i can learn on too

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In game name:Frostblooded ( Cathy_nor is my girlfrend she wants to play too)

Age: Both 16

Time playing Tekkit: I have played since tekkit came out and she does her thing :P

Have you been banned: (dont lie we will find out) Nope never banned, only kicked for reasons that were later solved.

Why would you like to play on this server: To build amazing stuff be freindly and have nooo greiffingggg XD

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In game name:bakedpanda


Time playing Tekkit:none

Have you been banned: (dont lie we will find out)one time about 2 years ago i think

Why would you like to play on this server:my friends introduced me to this looks cool and just looking for a good community to play with.

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In game name: TheAtranarch

Age: 22

Time playing Tekkit: A couple of months

Have you been banned: (dont lie we will find out) No

Why would you like to play on this server: Wanting to play with my friends and show them the ropes of tekkit.

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In game name: Dawnedwings


Time playing Tekkit: Hardly any time at all. Tried a little of it then stopped for a while.

Have you been banned: Once, because I was on a server that someone killed the enderdragon on before any of the mods did. (There was no rule against killing it) The mods got mad and banned the people that were in their base. I was offline and hadnt even really started playing but was in their base, so I got banned.

Why would you like to play on this server: I want to play on the same server as a few of my friends.

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In Game Name: Kitchen_Duty

Age: 27

Time playing Tekkit: Played around 2 months of the previous version when it wasn't Bucket compatible. Ran a safe nuclear reactor with no unintended outcomes. Really loved the quantum armor.

Have you been banned: No, been on three different multiplayer setups

Why would you like to play on this server: Looking for a small group, hopefully active in pacific time zone, hang out, build some autominers (if they're still in) and get my build on. Really loved making supersteel factories and getting my containment chambers setup for my reactors and I would love to try breeding uranium, if it is still possible.

I tried to walk around your server but I'm stuck at spawn and I'm uncertain of your server commands since I'm not on the whitelist.

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In game name:Hyperhail

Age:26? ya 26. Had to check. Thought i mighta missed my birthday

Time playing Tekkit: ummm maybe like 5 hours

Have you been banned: (dont lie we will find out) Never actaully tried a server out. This will be my first.

Why would you like to play on this server: Looks like it could be teh start of a decent community. Not to mention i like that you nerfed Equivelent exchange. Kinda looked way too overpowered to me. Industrial craft seems well balanced.

Oh and ahh.. i always mean well, but sometimes i can be quite dumb. Thanks for hearing me out, either way

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