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[3.1.2] RiffRaffSyndicate [35 SLOTS][PVE][Greylist][EE Nerfed][Grief Protection]


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In game name: lolly1232


Time playing Tekkit: 6-7 months

Have you been banned: (dont lie we will find out) Not that i can remember.... (no i haven't)

Why would you like to play on this server: I've played tekkit for quite a bit now and I was on the old Industrial gaming server till it died R.I.P

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In game name: mrfluggie

Age: 18

Time playing Tekkit: 6-ish months?

Have you been banned: (dont lie we will find out): once, got banned because I talked too much with the admins girlfriend

Why would you like to play on this server: you convinced me to try it out so here I am

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IGN : ThePenguinz

Age : 15

TPT : About 2 - 3 months

Banned yess on the enchanted craft server i got into argument (no cussing or anything like that) with admin over what abuse of powers is. he muted me for 24 hours and put me on a 1x1 block of nether rack above lava i did the request mod help and told him this is pointless got back on the next day he said wow its this luser shot a gast ball at me and pushed me off the nether rack said ha looks like he finaly jumped told know one what he did and nobody beleaved me so i said wow and you think you dont abuse you admin powers? ... banned oh well what can you do

why do i want to play on this server well i used to play tekkit awile ago and all the time but i got bored and slowly went back to xbox and no the loop has come back around and i want to play more minecraft then xbox, and the first server i tried to join did not work out so - (enchantedcraft) - so i would like to try and play on this one.

also i think there is a plugin that can change the emc value of objects and if there is you should get it so we can have energy condencer but if im wrong and there is not one or you just dont want to get it thats okay just a suggestion.

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In game name: oPeanutButter

Age: 14

Time playing Tekkit: Can't really remember, I think since it was from MC 1.0

Have you been banned: Not as far as I can remember

Why would you like to play on this server: Because I really want to find a place to just play Tekkit and invent some stuff! And the banned items are reasonable!

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In game name: SRYMongoose


Time playing Tekkit: since about 1.0

Have you been banned (dont lie we will find out) :Not that i can remember of.

Why would you like to play on this server: 1)Beacause my brother "oPeanutButter" plays on it 2)it hasn't got the whole of EE disabled which is good :)

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About Our Server:

The RiffRaffSyndicate server is new and run by Dante_Chaos, with our staff we work tirelessly to keep the server running continuously to prevent griefing, while managing to leave most of features intact for players, while only having to disable a few items. We are working on fixing most of the major bugs and exploits, especially with the overpowered Equivalent Exchange. This allows us to run a balanced server with EE almost entirely intact, but heavily nerfed.

We are currently planning on having a jobs plugin with Iconomy to allow players to earn currency to spend on items in game.

The community around the server is very friendly, with Admins and Moderators encouraging players to join towns, villages, and to become full residents. Our development team aims to achieve balance between individual mods. While every mod may not be perfectly balanced, we expect you will find our server enjoyable at every stage of the game.

Server Features:

The world is bounded to encourage interaction and the creation of infrastructure

Custom Job system plugin to award you for you actions (Coming Soon)

A six room tutorial quiz to give you heads up how the server works.

We strife to provide you 24/7 server up time.

Soon integrated web based account management.

IRC Channel to talk outside Minecraft with soon a bot to talk to people ingame.

IRC Server: irc.hellscream.org.uk

Channel: #Riffraffsyndicate

Plugin Features:

LWC to protect you from thieves

Customized HawkEye to quickly repair any grief

Region protection for towns

Claimable land to create towns or protect your place from griefing

Sellable/buyable claims, put your townplots for sale!

Choptree to get those trees down like a boss.

NPC Citizens to populate the land

Essentials Economy

Mobarena - Time to kick some monster but!

Dynmap - See your builds from the web!

Disabled Items:


MK2 & MK3 EE Collectors And Relays and Condenser

ChunkLoader/World Anchor

Hyperkinetic Lens, Catalytic Lens and Destruction Catalyst

EE Rings (sorry they are to unstable and can cause allot of grief)

Fire/water Amulets (disabled untill mod dev fixes it)

RM Power armor (Infernal armor)

Balkans weapon mod: Canon and guns


First Time spawn - Tutorial Hall:


Player Made Town:


Monster Arena:



Player Buildings:


Lighthouse of Rapture (bioshock)


Be respectful of the world. Try to keep the world looking nice, and build in the context of your surroundings.

Do not destroy landscape, try to keep quarries from doing so.

Be respectful of your fellow players. We shouldn't have to spell out for you what this means.

Violations of these rules will result in instant bans.

No griefing

No stealing

No stripmining

Server IP: tekkit.riffraffsyndicate.com

35 Slots on the Server

You need "Latest" Recommended Build of Tekkit to play on our server.

Our server is Greylist one. Meaning you can come look at us online, but to be able to build and thus become a "Builder" you need to apply here at this thread (Reply button) using this pattern:

In game name:


Time playing Tekkit:

Have you been banned: (dont lie we will find out)

Why would you like to play on this server:

(Please refrain from quoting the full topic!)

We look forward to seeing you online!

* We preserve the right to modify this topic to meet changes to the server.

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In game name: SpartaD333

Age: 13

Time playing Tekkit: About half a year

Have you been banned: (dont lie we will find out) never have never will

Why would you like to play on this server: I loved industrial gaming, but it closed down and h\they told me to come here. Im also interested in checking out the monster arena

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In game name: memines

Age: 18

Time playing Tekkit: Quite some time now, at least 8 months.

Have you been banned: Never

Why would you like to play on this server: The old server I was playing on is shutting down and this server was recommended to me, so here I am. I'm looking for a stable server and this is looking promising.

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In Game Name: Leafshell


Time playing Tekkit: Have played about 5 months. I have not played on many servers but is looking for å fun expirience.

Have you ever been banned: No i have never been banned.

Why would you like to play on this server: To have fun playing tekkit and meeting new people.

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