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[3.1.2]MultiStream[RECRUITING][24/7][Town,Shops][No PvP&Pvp][Great Community]

michael johnson

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Server IP:

I NEED A NEW CO_OWNER IF U THINK YOUR JOIN AND HAVE AN INTERVIEW. by the way you will need to donate £20 for trust because i cant give it out to some random person.

Welcome to MultiStream. We are a brand new 24/7 Anti-Grief tekkit server!

We have a great community and You our citizen members are our prioty to make sure

you have the best tekkit experiance possible so if you have any ideas on how to improve

the server please dont hesitate to tell us.

We also have got towny, so bring all your friends and and create your own towns or even nations.

You must make sure you follow all of our rules other wise you will face the consequences.


- We will not tolerate any level of racial abuse and will result in a ban.

- Do not be abusive to anyone, this will result in a mute then ban.

- Do not spam in chat.

- Admins must not spawn items in for citizens.

- No glitching or exploiting and will result in a ban.

- You must have fun.

Banned items:

- Rm and Dm furnaces

- Destruction catalyst

- Mining laser

- All explosives (including creeper damage)

- All rings

- Catalyst Lens

- Hyperkinetic Lens

- Rm and Dm Tools


- Towny

- Buycraft

- Chestshop

- Multi Universe

- Disguisecraft

- Essentials

- iConomy

- LWC (chest protection)

- permissionsEx

- BountyHunter

- Spectate

- Worldedit

- worldGuard

- Coreprotect

Heres a few pics of our spawn.




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this server has been crap i come and my home is destroyed and items are gone okay my fault for not locking my chest. i come back a second time and my home is destroyed again and OBSIDIAN is player locked in random spots and on top of my chest this wasn't just a normal troll you had to be playing a while to get obsidian lava and cobblestone everywhere. fuck you guys this has been complete shit.

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