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[3.1.2]MultiStream[RECRUITING][24/7][Town,Shops][No PvP&Pvp][Great Community]

michael johnson

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Server IP:

Welcome to MultiStream. We are a brand new 24/7 Anti-Grief tekkit server!

We are currently only a week old and and are already advanced with our plugins.

We have a great community and You our citizen members are our prioty to make sure

you have the best tekkit experiance possible so if you have any ideas on how to improve

the server please dont hesitate to tell us.

We also have got factions and jobs so bring all your friends and and create your own towns, also go hunting to earn money and open up a store.

You must make sure you follow all of our rules other wise you will face the consequences.

Note: We recently upgraded the server to a new host with 8 gb of ram!! This should prevent lag and lets you access the server with our 150 slot space!


- We will not tolerate any level of racial abuse and will result in a ban.

- Do not be abusive to anyone, this will result in a mute then ban.

- Do not spam in chat.

- Admins must not spawn items in for citizens.

- No glitching or exploiting and will result in a ban.

- You must have fun.

Banned items:

- Rm and Dm furnaces

- Destruction catalyst

- Mining laser

- All explosives (including creeper damage)

- All rings

- Catalyst Lens

- Hyperkinetic Lens

- Rm and Dm Tools


- Factions

- Buycraft

- Chestshop

- Multi Universe

- Disguisecraft

- Essentials

- iConomy

- LWC (chest protection)

- permissionsEx

- BountyHunter

- Spectate

- Worldedit

- worldGuard

- HawkEye





Best Server Join!!!! get in quick

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Hi Mr Vimto, Can you UnBan me because it says i "Greifed" but i havent greifed anyone, I really like this server, i have got alot of Items and would really like to play again, so could you please Unban me.

Thank you !

My Username Is ReeceHB69

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Hej Guys

Im playing at your server in 1-1½ week, i come from Denmark. This server is an amazin tekkit server, and me and my premades love this server. so please let me and my premades be unbanned from your fantastic server. [sorry my english]

- My name is xRandomvideos

- my premades name is: Megagtafreak, Benjamin1313, Far984, Annebberg, Hyllen01, Benja2423

[We are on not the Whitelist]

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it is probably best to avoid this server if you want to actually experience tekkit.

the main issue plaguing this server right now is inconsistent service. it is whitelisted right now (either they are doing maintenance or this server post is now in the wrong forum).

the other issue is the management of the server (from owners to admins to moderators). the owners and admins might be fine but they are rarely on to fix the issues created and stemming from the moderators. these said moderators are constantly dealing with issues of miscommunication about the rules. is dark matter armor banned? are the tools banned? the server post claims that they are but the rules in game say otherwise. then you have the issue where there are moderators who have no business being in the position. they won't field questions about the rules and if you persist they mute you and claim you werent obeying staff. i didnt realize that there were totalitarian tekkit servers out there (guess that is what happens when there are 12 year olds at the helm).

this issue of (badmins) could stem from the fact that the owner literally sells the positions. so when you take your moms credit card you can lord it over the people just trying to have a clear and concise view of the rules. a clear example of this was when there was a question about the gem of eternal density (EE ruins servers in so many ways). it is a component of 2 items, the void ring and the gravity greaves. those are both clearly banned items on the rules and website. the moderator (a bad one) claimed that because it was used to craft banned items, it too should be banned. if that were true then all of the components should be banned. it should be said that those banned items arent even craftable.

overall this server left me with a very negative experience and i hope it doesn't come off of that whitelist so no one else has to play here and experience bad people.

p.s. one guy who was trying to pay for this admin spot paid in full but the owner claimed he didn't pay anything and promptly banned him for asking questions about it. talk about taking the money and running. (20 pounds)

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You are in the open server forums by the way and your server requires whitelist which I am fine with but it was a bit confusing. Anyways I would like to apply.

Name: Aelarnost


No bans, played tekkit a few months looking for a place to play when my friends server is down.

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