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1.7.10 - Minenopia PVP RAID 60 Slots "The 1.7.10 Pack"

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a server based on "The 1.7.10 Pack" modpack http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/the-1710-pack

server adress is play.minenopia.com

alternate link:  server.minenopia.com:26013


is a USA hosted server 24/7 60 player cap, no lag

there are no banned items and you can feel free to explore all the mods

this is a pvp raid server becouse most of the server are just the same.


Some rules are basic

- No crashing server on pourpose

- No leaving mob grinders on for an innecesary amount of time

- No griefing Chest Shops

- No Harrasing new players

Some of the server characteristics

- You can make shops by setting a chest on floor and hitting it with desired item you want to sell, it can be ethier vanilla or iron chests

- You can trade players by right click on them, that helps preventing drop stealing and fair trading

- server limit is 16k blocks via world border

- theres /home /back /spawn /tpa etc but with a 4 sec cooldown 


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