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[3.1.2] Geocrafting [PvE][22 slots][WorldGuard, LWC, Bookworm] Discover your world


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Time Zone: CST (Central Standard Time)

Time usually on: Weekdays: Anywhere from 3:15 p.m. to about 9:00 p.m.

Anytime except late Sunday evening.

►What is geocaching? Geocaching is a popular pastime in which one uses a GPS, compass, or map to find hidden capsules. When a person finds one such cache, they must log their find on the notepad inside, and leave something inside for the next person.

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IGN: NSUFC , im an ADMIN on other popular sites and i have built the whole spawn and PvP arena's as well as other things i hope you like me and i hope i can create some awesome builds :)

Age: 15

Time Zone:GMT

Time usually on: weekdays 3:45-10:00 weekends and holidays most of the day

What is geocaching? Basically, you find hidden "boxes" and sign your name. You take one item and replace it with another (usually of equal value). GPS/Phones are often used to help find them because they're usually well hidden. I've been geocaching before. :') I'm guessing in game it'd be a similar concept.

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►IGN: AdellRazh

►Age: 19

►Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time

►Time usually on: I'll be honest, it varies wildly. Usually Midday onwards PST.

►What is geocaching?: Take a box. Dump it, somewhere in the world that you think would be cool for others to see. Tell someone else to go there. Think, hey, that's a rather neat idea. Start a website. Realise there is already a website for geocaching. Join it. ???. Profit.

And then a movement happened.

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IGN: arallak

Age: 31

Time Zone: UTC/GMT -3 hours

Time usually on: I'm online pretty much all day ... In particular overnight.

What is geocaching? A service in which you hunt chests using GPS or smartphone.

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IGN: Danveme

Age: 16

Time Zone: UTC/GMT -7 hours

Time usually on: 2-5 all days

What is geocaching? Finding objects through gps and leaving a momento for someone else to find and have fun doing. I love geocaching!

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IGN: kaelenb6

Age: 13

Time Zone: mountain time ( canada and us)

Time usually on: 4-6

What is geocaching? its when you walk around with a gps and find things hidden. you take one thing and put somthing back

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IGN: mega_power11

Age: 13

Time Zone: Central Time (U.S.)

Time usually on: 7-10 pm

What is geocaching : An amazing, worldwide clue hunt. So much fun doing this!!! Now introduced to Minecraft!

Language: English and Pig Latin

Why you should accept me into your server: I love to tinker, adventure, and make new friends! I am totally mature and respect other's creations. I love to help other people that need it. I can catch on to new things very quickly.

Adieu. (farewell)

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