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[3.1.2] Geocrafting [PvE][22 slots][WorldGuard, LWC, Bookworm] Discover your world


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IGN: DuhBossMeme


Time Zone: US Pacific Time

Time usually on: Normally in the afternoon for a few hours everyday and plus a few more spread around the clock

What is geocaching? Its When people use mobile devices to hide and seek for containers called geocaches

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IGN: liebelegof

AGE: 14


TIME USUALLY ON: I am on when ever I have nothing else to do, But i do like to have long game sessions. once my grades are back up i will be on alot

WHAT IS GEOCACHING?: It is where you find hidden containers using a gps system. i did it a few times with my cousin and uncle its very fun.

OTHER INFO: i have experience as an admin on another server. Minecraft tekkit is my favorite game. etc. If accepted email me at [email protected], im not on the forums very often.

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We have now added a second world!

Welcome to Vulgaria. Vulgaria is our post-apocalyptic PvP world that features a lot different game play from the main world. Vulgaria was generated using the CityWorld plugin and includes a decimated city along with enormous mountain ranges. The world is limited to a 1000 X 1000 block area that also includes random spawning. To make things more difficult we have also added Monster Apocalypse plugin to give mobs more health, damage, spawn in higher light level, and will not burn in daylight. Use of /back and /tpa commands have been disabled along with LWC and WorldGuard. Most major EE items are also going to be removed from Vulgaria as well. The last, and most important feature, is our custom plugin that limits tools, weapons, and armor to certain levels. It uses the standard xp system to limit the equipment use to higher levels. That means punching your way to level 2 before even being able to use a wooden sword! Things are still being tweaked right now in Vulgaria to give us a balance of difficulty and fairness. So from time to time things might be altered, like tool or weapon levels, to make things more difficult or more easy. Also we may reset the world from time to time with a different generated map.

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IGN: M0DXx (that's with a zero)

Age: 14

Time Zone: GMT (UK)

Time usually on: 4-8

What is geocaching?: A real life thing where you use any sort of GPS to find hidden containers called geocaches, they can then share their experiences online.

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IGN: beckey12

Age: 15

Time Zone: UK (GMT)

Time usually on: Weekends. Most weekday nights.

What is geocaching? Basically, you find hidden "boxes" and sign your name. You take one item and replace it with another (usually of equal value). GPS/Phones are often used to help find them because they're usually well hidden. I've been geocaching before. :') I'm guessing in game it'd be a similar concept. :)

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IGN: sgtbuckett1234

Age: 18

Time zone: GMT (England)

Time Usually On: Most of the time after 3 unless i have course work

What is geocashing: Were u have like small capsuals all round the wotld with little GPS thingys on them and you have to find them at least i think thats what it is lol :)

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