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[3.1.2] Geocrafting [PvE][22 slots][WorldGuard, LWC, Bookworm] Discover your world


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The main focus of Geocrafting is to combine Minecraft and Geocaching. For more information on geocaching please visit http://www.geocaching.com

In short geocaching is like a scavenger hunt. People have hidden caches all over the world for others to seek out. The goal in Geocrafting is to replicate that experience as much as possible. Although the server won't require you to participate in the geocaching aspect, it is encouraged. Most items are still enable, so playing Tekkit as usual is fine. We are using WorldGuard and LWC to help protect your builds and caches. Everyone that joins is encouraged to go out and hide their own caches for other players to go out and find.


The server:

Server IP:

►24/7 Dedicated host

►22 Slots

►English for main chat

Team Speak server:


Server Rules:

No griefing: No destroying, altering, or placement of any blocks or other items on a players area without permission. Be smart about it!

No stealing: Do not remove any items from chests, machines, or remove any blocks or items that do not belong to you. If a chest or area is not protected, do not assume it is ok to take it. If it's not yours, leave it alone without permission!

No hacking or X-Ray mods: No use of any external clients or mods to gain an unfair advantage over other players. This includes using X-ray mods or texture packs.

No exploits or glitches: Do not use any game exploit or glitch that gives an unfair advantage over other players. This includes duplicating glitches.

No PvP: PvP combat is not allowed unless both players are consenting.

No pipes emptying into world: Do not allow BuildCraft pipes to empty into the world. They must be connected at both ends to a storage item. Do not allow them to overflow either.

Nuclear reactors: Nuclear reactors are not allowed near spawn, towns, or other players areas. You must be safe when using these.

Quarries: Quarries are not allowed near spawn, towns, or other players areas. They must be built at least 2 blocks below the surface as well. We do not want to see a bunch of quarry holes all over the map. No more than 2 quarries running at a time.

Banned Items:

We do not have any banned or removed mods from the server but, we have removed some items from use. These are subjected to change based on our Trusted members.


►Nova Catalyst

►Nova Cataclysm

►Hyperkinetic Lens

►Catalytic Lens

►Black Hole Band

►Void Ring

►World Anchor

►Dimensional Anchor

►Anchor Cart

►Evertide Amulet

►Ring of Arcana

►Ring of Ignition

►Volcanite Amulet

►Watch of Flowing Time

►Zero Ring

►Industrial TNT

►TNT Cart


Trusted Items:

These items are limited to our Trusted members and above.

►Destruction Catalyst

►Nuclear Reactors

►Mining Laser

►Crystal Chest

►DM and RM Hammer

►Red Morning Star

►Gem Armor


AntiCreeper3 - To stop creeper block damage (still have player damage).

Bookworm - A book plugin mainly used for the logbooks at caches.

CoreProtect - For grief rollbacks.

DeathTpPlus - Makes a tomb with your equipment on death. And I love the death messages.

Essentials - Used for most of the in game commands.

LWC - Used to lock your chests and machines. 115 different items are protected with this.

PermissionsEx - For permissions and groups.

ServerSigns - Used for our tutorial and warp signs.

TekkitCustomizer - For banning and trusted items.

WorldEdit - For use with WorldGuard.

WorldGuard - For land and region protection.

For our new players we have a tutorial room with interactive signs to familiarize yourself with some of the plugins. We also have instructions of creating and finding caches. The cache board lists all the current caches that you can find. The more caches everyone hides, the more for us to go and find. We give you your own book at start so you can keep track of all the caches you have found.


Member - Your starting rank when joining the server.

Trusted - For those members that show us they are mature.

Moderator - Here to help you out.

Admin - To help run server operations.

Owner - Myself, just ask if you need help.

Selecting our Trusted members and Moderators will be based on your participation in the server. We will notice if you're helpful to others and follow the rules. Generally, those that participate heavily in the caches will have a greater chance of being promoted to Trusted.



We have now added a second world!

Welcome to Vulgaria. Vulgaria is our post-apocalyptic PvP world that features a lot different game play from the main world. Vulgaria was generated using the CityWorld plugin and includes a decimated city along with enormous mountain ranges. The world is limited to a 1000 X 1000 block area that also includes random spawning. To make things more difficult we have also added Monster Apocalypse plugin to give mobs more health, damage, spawn in higher light level, and will not burn in daylight. Use of /back and /tpa commands have been disabled along with LWC and WorldGuard. Most major EE items are also going to be removed from Vulgaria as well. The last, and most important feature, is our custom plugin that limits tools, weapons, and armor to certain levels. It uses the standard xp system to limit the equipment use to higher levels. That means punching your way to level 2 before even being able to use a wooden sword! Things are still being tweaked right now in Vulgaria to give us a balance of difficulty and fairness. So from time to time things might be altered, like tool or weapon levels, to make things more difficult or more easy. Also we may reset the world from time to time with a different generated map.







Time Zone:

Time usually on:

What is geocaching?

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Top Posters In This Topic

IGN: cproo12


Time Zone: EST

Time usually on: from 4pm to 5pm or 6pm to 8pm almost all day on weekends

What is geocaching? Geocaching is hunting for and finding a hidden object with the help of GPS coordinates posted on a website. (my geocaching.com profile is chaserooney)

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IGN: MBitter

Age: 15

Time Zone:gmt +2

Time usually on: 16:00

What is geocaching? finding on website GPS cordinates and using them to some sort small box and in there piece of paper and you put name there and thats it and i know all this from my cousin

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IGN: Mrnoxiuz

Age: 15

Time Zone: UTC+01:00

Time usually on: All the time! i love tekkit, and i've been playing it since it came out!

What is geocaching?: Geocaching is like a modern treasure hunt, by the help of coordinates you can use a GPS to find treasures (caches)

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Hello, I'm Equivelance. I am that 14 year-old guy set with his clock on the now set back Eastern time. I am generally on alot unless I have some sort of project I'm working on. And Geocaching is pretty much a treasure hunt where you find a "treasure chest" and take all the loot inside. Once all the loot has been taken, I suggest you replace it with something about equal value or cheaper then what you found inside the box. After all that is said and done, sign in on the card included inside.

IGN: Equivelance

Age: 14

Time Zone: EST

Usually On: Alot especially on weekends

What is Geocaching: Pretty much treasure hunting

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IGN: Lnye97

Age: 16

Time Zone: EST (Ohio)

Time usually on: Weekends : Early Morning / Late Night, Work Days: Late afternoon / Night

What is geocaching? " In short geocaching is like a scavenger hunt. " - OP

-- If i am allowed to apply for a friend

IGN: Manchua123

Age: 16

Time Zone: CT(Texas)

Time usually on: Weekends : 24/7 I literally mean this kid never logs off.... well other than too sleep

What is geocaching? I Explained it to him, dont you worry!

also if you have a teamspeak up we would be thrilled to join you, or you can come join us

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IGN: RaG3_x_MaStErS

Age: 16

Time Zone: GMT (Greenwich Mean Time: Scotland/UK)

Time usually on: weekdays: 5/8 PM. weekends: 2/8 PM

What is geocaching? geocaching is when you hide items over the world in chests and let other people go and find them

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Time Zone:(UTC-03:00) Buenos Aires

Time usually on:3-6 hours

What is geocaching?Geocaching is a free real-world outdoor treasure hunt. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using a smartphone or GPS and can then share their experiences online.

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►IGN: LyndhurstV

►Age: I'm 15 years of age.

►Time Zone: GMT+1

►Time usually on: I'm usually online most days, a lot of the day on weekends.

►What is geocaching? Geocaching is simply like a modern treasure hunt, thus using coordinates on a GPS to find them.

Thank you for reading my application, I hope to get back to you soon!

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