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Alright, this was the post I have made a few weeks/days ago. Just a quick post and was planning to edit it later. Here is the new edit.

Original Post:

This game was made in 2004 - 2005 and is pretty funny. There are so many ways Trip and Grace react. Its so funny and someone reply.

PewDiePie was where I first heard of Facade.

TIP: Trip and Grace hate Melons... WHY?!?!

New Post:

The Peashooter Overview:

Facade is an interactive story game created during the year of 2004 and 2005. It is a game with odd graphics and simple gameplay.

The Characters:

[insert Facade Name Here]: Basically there are many many and I mean many names that you can choose. My name is there and I believe that common names are the ones that appear on the game. You are the game controller, basically what you say or do can impact with what Trip and Grace do.

Trip: Husband of Grace and he is the one who called you in the intro of the game. When the game finishes loading, Trip calls you while your on a black screen. You are asked to come over for a visit as a sort of "reunion" of three friends; you, Trip, and Grace. He has been keeping secrets from Grace. He used to work at a Bar. From my knowledge, Trip is the only one who kicks you out of their apartment.

Grace: Wife of Trip. She believes that her decorating is bad and sucks so much that she redoes her living room decoration millions of times (stated ingame). She seems to be insecure. She loves painting and has been keeping secrets from Trip.


Kiss: You may kiss Grace and Trip. Depending on your name, you may be judged. For example, if you have used a boy's name to play and you kiss Grace (making Trip angry).

Hug: A simple sign of appreciation and affection to Trip and Grace. They don't seem to dislike it but may find it awkward at times.

Sip: Trip may serve you a drink in a wine glass or a cup of some sort. You cannot drink directly from bottles but you may sip from a cup if you have the cup at hand and its at the bottom middle section of your screen.

Hold Items: You can pick up so many items. Some items will have a certain effect on them if you pick them up. Some of the items are:

-Ringing phone: Pick it up to listen to one of Grace or Trip's parents.

-Fortune 8 Ball: A fortune ball that when you shake it with your cursor, will show you one of the fortunes to a yes or no question. For example, *shake* Ball says: Perhaps soon.


Your speech or dialogue will most of the time affect Grace and Trip in a mental or physical way. You can hurt their feelings or complement them. You can ask them for items (a drink perhaps) and ask them questions.


The following may spoil some events.

The Dramatic Parts:

There are many points in the game that Trip and Grace do some dramatic things.

Fighting: They constantly start to fight and then the fights worsen, sometimes causing one of them to leave the living room.

Divorce: I have not achieved this yet although it is when they finally decide that this is all bad marriage and they get a divorce supposedly. My friend has gotten Trip to leave the apartment one time leaving Grace crying as the game ends.

Realization: They both realize that their fighting was all worthless and all bad. They realize some secrets that each other held and have decided that you have helped them. I had allowed the to realize this and then they said to me Thank you then allowed me to leave willingly to end the game.

Force Ending: You have insulted and angered Trip and Grace so much that you have been forced out of their apartment by Trip. Insulting or humiliating them does lead to this ending.

Confession: Supposedly in the story, both Trip and Grace have been having affairs with other people and have kept it a secret. If they admit to it, it may help to either the Divorce or Realization endings. I got Trip to confess and that helped me get to the Realization Ending.

There are probably more endings to this.

Links for Game and such:

Download Facade! http://www.interactivestory.net/download/

Wikipedia? Sure! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Façade_(interactive_story)

PewDiePie's Facade Moments? I think they are funny as H-E- Double Hockey Sticks!

This was an edit to the post. Hope this is MUCH MUCH better in many ways. Cya later Tekkiters!

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Meh, it was alright, but it's hardly worth the attention it's getting. I feel like when popular youtubers play these 'obscure' games, it will often give them an unexpected revival. Now, this isn't a bad thing in itself. I feel like Seananners may have single handed revived The Hidden, which is a great game. But when people like PewDiePie revive a game, it often turns into their fans screaming "Lololol look at the AI, isn't it funny that melons?" or "OMG Slender/SCP containment breach! Scary jumps!". Nothing against PewDiePie himself, just not my cup of tea.

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