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[3.1.2]SkywayCraft Dune[PVP/E][20 slots][greylist][nothingban][mcMMO][tardis][essentials]roleplay


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Quick note about the APP too, if you got here and think pretending you could not get on the forum or the link was busted to get us to side step you having to fill out the app, to join, you are mistaken, no app filled out, no joining, no exception. also our ruling on your app is final, you want to reapply that is fine, but if we say it is not good enough, for what ever reason, then it is not good enough, and arguing with us will just get you permanently banned, you do not argue with the dungeon masters.

(special note, to join you will now have to fill out an APP:

IGN(in game name):


NICK:(what ever you want your character to be called)

BIO: (Where your character comes from, why they live on the alien colony of your choice, what they look like briefly, any particular events that might have had an effect in molding their personallity)and post this down at the bottome of the thread.

***NOTICE This is a ROLEPLAY server above all else, IF you are bothered by leveling and ranks, and want everything to just be given to you, this is NOT the server for you. There is a very complex level system and it will reward those who use it to obtain the higher ranks with skills you will not find on regular tekkit servers! (like taming undead and spawning them as a necromancer) you can read up here (and it is recommended you do BEFORE you start) CLICK MEEEEE!!!!!


This is an extreme survival server that is, yep you guessed it! ALL DESERT!!!! just like the SCIFI movie/book/TV show of the same name DUNE. There are gates around the world, to other servers, and LOTS AND LOTS OF SAND. (There are two other servers connected for now, and even more gates to even MOAR servers are in the works)

Besides the custom world what else is different??? Read below to see all about classes and levels you can obtain to do some pretty nifty things with,

This server is definitely for those that tekkit is just to easy, and they are looking for more of a challenge, but not looking for outright crippling of the servers them selves. Want EE? then work on becoming an Alchemist! Don't want it, then spend your character points on something else like becoming a Necromancer, who can spawn undead hoards and walk among them unharmed! (or use them for special pit traps and false walls to protect your castle or floating Island!)

More is coming all the time so check back often to see the new updates!!!

Hello, I am currently running a server network with two servers. one that is customized to be all desert and another that is all jungle,. (like alien worlds) Nothing is banned however based on the classes and levels system you will have to work to get access to some necessary ingredients (covalent dust is one, the only low level class that has it is the black smiths class, each level of blacksmith gets access to more of the dust allowing them to repair tools weapons and armour of higher and higher level (leather, iron, and finally even diamond)

ABOUT GREY LISTING: (on the greylisting you do not need to do anything to be a default player and begin mining, however you have to apply for higher ranks that allow you to do things like use diamond armor and weapons as a fighter or use a diamond pickax as a miner, each level you apply for you must have a certain amount of points for which you get by playing in game, also you can gain extra points by going and doing things out of game like voting and clicking the google ads, that take very little time, as well as doing things in game that get you awarded additional points, excellent Roleplay being just one of them)

the basic entry level that you get by default can make up to iron stuff but making things of diamond ruby emerald are out, as you can not hold these, SO DO NOT BREAK THE ORE they are in, or you WILL loose the item, as it will turn into a dirt block when you pick it up.

"GASP! but what if I FIND DIAMONDS!!" if you are mining and find them leave the blocks till you have either miner human level or fighter human level. you can run and vote for up to 7 times in one day and you only need 5 votes to gain a rank point, spend some time on the server and accrue 1000 blocks of land you can claim? another point. BINGO you now can buy a level!

and can now go get those diamonds rubies, emeralds and sapphires!

see how that works? so yeah read up on the classes and levels,(here) and prepare to have the most fun you have ever had :)

Desert IP: mc08.serverminer.com:25584 (20 slots)

About funding:I have thought long and hard about this, I am not looking for donations or pay to play, as the running of the site is pretty cheap, But anyone wanting to help me out on the $$$ end of things, you can post links to my auctions for my leather masks and metal goggles I make and sell. or come to my website http://www.borgsteamfactory.com and click on the google adsense ads. as they pay pretty well.

***TLD Want to help fund my site? ask for links to my auctions, spread the links on facebook, myspace or where ever you hang out, and click on google adsense ads. :)

*think planet Dune* that there is a gate leading to a fellow tekkit fan's server. My server has a small colony with the only two missing resources on the planet, food and wood. *though there still may be some in mineshafts, but no one has found any yet* there are waterways, so fishing is possible if you have wood and string to make a fishing pole, but I can not guarantee you can catch anything, I have not as yet tried but will soon.

This is the start of a sort of stargate-ish universe, (though gates are more limited so as to create a network of servers that is more of a maze with some two way gates and some one way gates, as well as worlds with one two three or more gates to other servers) So far the two servers are all we have (one desert world, and one normal world with their respective nether and end worlds as well) but still that is two servers for the log in of one, and it will grow as time passes,

If you have a server and would like to network into this group let me know. have to have tekkit and transporter, but the rest of the mods are completely optional. Also if you want to convert your server world to a specific type of world also let me know. I can show you how to do this, just be aware that it might make your world impossible to live in without outside help (you can gate to the normal world for supplies to use in my desert world, though I did make a colony as stated that is at the 0,0 co-ordinates.

RULES: there are two types of rules for the game. one is general that encompasses all worlds period. the others are ingame rules, and vary from world to world and server to server:

General rules: no griefing of any kind. *see below for what is considered griefing here*

****Griefing, what it is and is not:

Griefing IS trolling to piss off a player, we are all here to have fun so do not troll, additionally Griefing is defined with us as anything meant to disrupt the play or the server so building something you KNOW will corrupt the map, is griefing.

what griefing is NOT would be going out into an area no one has built on, and destroying landscape for a REASON, this reason can be from mining for resources either with quarry or TNT (using it in my worlds with mcMMO you get more and more of the blown up resources back and sometimes get treasure that is not located in the map, like glowstone dust or diamonds out of blowing up dirt near the surface, all random of course, and the chances go up as your levels go up. To read up more on this go see the wiki page for it) TO even burning down areas (limited on some worlds as say the jungle world I created since it is ALL tree filled and the fire might literally spread over the entire map) and blowing up things to create a section of a world to look more barren, wastelandish and post apocalyptic if you want to have and build in an area like this. Just do not do this near anyone else s settlement,

also it is not griefing to destroy blocks that griefprevention allows if you are laying siege to another player. that is part of the PVP system. with it you can break glass sand grass dirt, and if you kill them or they run a way, you get to keep what they drop or is in their chests and such, but then you get ejected and the rest of their home stays intact, AND there is a time limit before you can attack them again. SO if you are building best learn a bit about siege tactics and make use of those arrow slits to make hitting an attacker with your arrows while making it hard for them to hit you ;)

Need help finding out if anyone is building in that area? use my online dynamaps just change the above ports to 8123 to pull them up.

NO stalking people, If you are declaring war on a party for a reason be up front about it, I will look into a way to remove peoples over head tags from view when they are behind things, for this purpose.

ABOUT PVP, you can indeed fight, and I will not say anything as long as no one is complaining, but if you start harassing someone that has asked you to not bother them you will be asked to excuse your self from the game. PVP is for ROLEPLAY purposes understand?

NO extra harsh language, Saying shit or crap or even F*ck (censored for this website) is ok if you fall in lava or something or get scared by something, but saying racist or prejudicial, homophobic, hetrophobic (yes it goes both ways, calling a straight person a breeder is not permissible any more than a straight calling a homosexual person a faggot) in fact just leave your sexuality at the door when you join, along with your preferences in politics, and religion ok? cause it's a dead man's party so leave your body at the door heh heh)

***Tekkit 3.1.2

- - - (latest techniclauncher needed)

***CoreProtect 1.54

- - - (just in case though grief prevention will negate most needed use of this)

***Essentials(/GM/spawn and everything else from the essentials packages)

- - - (everything they put out with essentials attached from the official releases is here)


- - - (no instructions needed to play but the wiki is a good read so you can maximize your use of this)


- - - (how I am able to allow you to gate to another server and back to my server from their server)


- - - (some schematics exist, but if you have a custom one you want to use, contact me and I will check it out before allowing it)


- - - (allows you to be able to see what is going on in the world through your web browser) ask for the ip:port for these

***TekkitRestrict (this combined with EssentialsGM allows me to create a class and level system, so you can gain levels the way you would in a game like Dungeons & Dragons)

***GriefPrevention (allows players to set claims, since this is PVP you can indeed lay siege to another player, and who ever looses gets the others drops and access to any chests they have with them. BUT it keeps anyone from breaking the players hard work creating their home.)

*** Disguisecraft for assasins class

***Votifier: to allow players to have an alternate way to gain points for buying classes and levels

***Monserbox: to allow building and crafting special dungeons, which will then be stocked with extra special loot ;) (this is only sometimes on the server as it also assists one aspect of the necromancers and conjuers, as well as the ops and admins who are building and stocking (or restocking) dungeons :)

***EasyEnchant: Makes enchantments much easier for the magic user classes in my servers, no more bumbling about wasting levels of xp on enchantments that you don't want :)

more room will be added as player numbers grow, however more worlds will be added most likely first. We are working on creating a water world, an ice world (think Hoth), a jungle world, swamp world (think dagoba from starwars home of Yoda), and a completely forest world. I will update and organize this as time goes, as the concept of this grows.

(read more over on my website about classes and everything else)


also I can not stress strongly enough that I am looking for server owners to join forces with, and make our network of servers one massive universe for the players rather than just a single world. (my two servers right now account for 6 worlds if you count the nether and end on each as a world, since each is completely independent. so say killing the enderdragon on one will still leave the other one to deal with wink.png )

Note that it server set up will always be a WIP as we are striving to bring back the fun by making a better obstacle course of the game, (that is all any game is right? an obstacle course? :P) and make it a lot more like a roleplaying game with real challenges of both roleplay and survival. so if you have any suggestions you can reach us here, over on the website (www.borgsteamfactory.com/contact.html) or in game. and we have skype as well as a number of other IM and chat programs to reach one of us, once you have initiated contact.

For those seeking staff positions, (yes this is down here deliberately to see if you read all of this to find it) you will need 4 things to make a good staff member,

1. (most important) maturity, as you will be dealing from time to time with player vs player conflict

2. good reading comprehension, to learn the system (most of the time you will be answering questions that players have no time to read up to find at that second)

3. patients! you must be patient as this takes some work, like all the reading you have to do or the constant answering of the same question over and over to different players :)

4. Willingness: We do not draft, if you are ok with becoming staff and helping then great, if you just want to play and not be bothered with other peoples issues, also great, I would not force anyone to do anything they do not want to do. You are there on my server to have fun first and foremost so I would never think of interfering with that **unless you are annoying others and generally ruining their fun**

if you want to be staff we will approach you not the other way around ok? don't pester us about such a thing either as it will make certain you do not get asked.

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remember to send a message to us when you are ready to level up. letting us know what you have done to achieve points helps to speed up the process, you can ingame mail us using /mail send morphtrust (your message here) or use the contact page

I am working currently on a class that would be able to spawn undead *zombies, skeletons, zombie pigmen* and be immune to them (*they would not attack you) for a necromancy class, so I am looking for input on this, good idea? bad idea? useful class to obtain? any other classes you think a necromancer should not be able to have, or classes you think should be requirements to obtain this class? all input is greatly appreciated, (you can apply for higher classes here on the thread too, just submit an app like this:


1. IGN (in game name):

2. level or class you wish to move up to: (ie from human to human/fighter, or human/miner)

****you can read up on the classes and rank points needed on ranks

3. rankpoints you feel you should have (did you vote? I can tally it up for you 5 votes equal one point so you can obtain one a day easily from voting) (did you click some links on Borg steam factory? WHEN is all I need to know, each person who claims them will get their points, three clicks is worth one rank point,) read more on the point system by following the RANKS link in section 2.

4.wait, generally this takes less than a day. if I or one of the other mods are around, it might happen in moments. Currently you can ask myself (morphtrust) or Agent01101 to promote you. I am in the process of looking for at least 2 other moderators, and will add their names here when selected. (if you feel you are mature enough for this contact me)


just updated the permissions so people who just joined will have to apply to have any building rights, sorry folks but to many griefers and people who just want to circumvent the rules to cause trouble. You can enter and look around, and even let us know you filled out an app, but no placing or breaking any blocks

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I am working on updating the class system to add some new functionality, but will be on from 6pm CST till about 10pm. If you see me there feel free to ask for skype info, to stay connected :)

update, I have updated the class system. all classes but the electronics engineers are added, you can now be a mason freemason, necromancer and a ton of other stuff.

To be added are things like conjurers (can summon blazes and send them to do their bidding (sort of) ) electronic engineers for both computer craft and redalloy craft (will just add blue electric automatically for this one.

just to note too, you can work together on a crafting table with several others who have classes that let them have stuff to make things you as individuals can not do, so a blacksmith level 3 and anyone all the way down to basic human could work together to craft an alchemist chest. the only thing this is not true for are the basic collectors, for that you have to be a 3rd level alchemist. BUT if you find a collector that is red or darkmatter on a quest (one is in development NOW) you can break and take it home with you, :)

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just a quick update, the abilities of the necromancers have been both updated and fully flushed out

***ie they can now raise undead, enslave them to do their bidding, and even "when the stars are right and the planets aligned" they can place spawners of the undead they can control :) **also the necromancers limits are now detailed )

++++ so I am calling all admins and ops from all my servers to contact me so we can begin building and flushing out NPC dungeons of massive epic proportions, I will have details on how to place mob spawners of specific styles and such as well as locations to place these at.


one such dungeon in development,you are looking at it from the glass floor of the bleachers where observers can watch the fun of parties trying to survive the nearly impossible odds of everything from spiders to zombie pigmen. below there were be side windows to watch the combatants deal with blazes and possible even a couple ghasts and a high level necromancer :) (the floor is glowstone for development but will be made of the same thing as the walls so tell anyone planning on fighting to bring plenty of torches :)

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I Am Lokking For A Good Server to Join. Im very experienced. I Want To Apply For Staff. I thonk i would make an exelent mod. im 13, have never been banned, and have played tekkit about half a year. I am always willing to help people out, and am active everyday.

Thanks For you time reading this,

IGN: SpartaD333

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StartaD333 come and play, we promote players who show excellent maturity, and need more staff for sure. in the mean time have fun exploring the world and reading the website to learn about how things work. A lot of what is needed from mods is just answering questions for players. :)

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more work has been done, and we are seeking some good roleplayers to temporarily play some high level NPC characters for adventures, if you think you can fit this bill post an app here:


servers I am known on:

special interests in tekkit:(ie redpower, building with microblocks, alchemy, buildcraft, IC2craft, are all except-able means of filling this section out)

time you have used tekkit to play:

Skype username:

Other games I have experience in roleplaying: (ie dungeons & Dragons, Battletech, film or movie projects that might be on youtube, etc.)

something currently possibly needing to be occupied is a bedrock tower, here is a screencapture.


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I'll post my bio here just to serve as an example to newcomers

IGN(in game name): Mew_Ron

NICK: Mycroft T Eckhart

BIO: As a man of science, or crack pot science as some might say, Mycroft took the opportunity of colonization as a chance to work on his research and experiments, free of regulations, restrictions, and safeguards. He sees the new worlds as blank canvases that he intends to paint with numerous laboratories. So, dressed in his favorite finery, Mycroft steps out on Dune eager to explore the possibilities.

Servers I am known on: SkywayCraft Dune, Skywaycraft TallTree

Special interests in tekkit:

time you have used tekkit to play: Since September

Skype username: Mew_Ron

Other games I have experience in roleplaying: Dungeons And Dragons, Skyrim, World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, World Of Darkness, Guild Wars, Torchlight, Arcanum, Fallout, the list goes on.

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IGN(in game name): derreberryj


NICK:(what ever you want your character to be called) superman

BIO: (Where your character comes from, why they live on the alien colony of your choice, what they look like briefly, any particular events that might have had an effect in molding their personallity) My character comes from the planet Krypton and that is where he was born and raised but then he came to Earth because it was in trouble. He looks like a man in a blue suit with a red cape.

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IGN(in game name): derreberryj


NICK:(what ever you want your character to be called) superman

BIO: (Where your character comes from, why they live on the alien colony of your choice, what they look like briefly, any particular events that might have had an effect in molding their personallity) My character comes from the planet Krypton and that is where he was born and raised but then he came to Earth because it was in trouble. He looks like a man in a blue suit with a red cape.

This I guess raises the question, do we reject all characters that are intellectual property of someone like this superman of DC comics?

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IGN(in game name):




Cyg Velius


The product of a classic memory loss / botched memory implant routine. As your all-seeing and humble narrator, I can unravel a few threads. Cygnus, is from (for all explanatory purpose), an unnamed planet. It's classified name with a series of incomprehensible letters and numbers and is of no importance. He was part of a finely tuned, accelerated, and controlled experiment. Now, this colony has had no contact with any other space faring entities for a great time. Cyg was part of a society that was equivalent to the ancient Medieval era. He has very little understanding of modern advances. However, he has pronounced adaptive learning abilities.

Notably, he was deemed insane by his peers. He studied the night skies and formulated blasphemous posits of "other-worldly" beings and challenged the way the cosmos ticked. He worked mostly alone ( although he had amassed some intrigued followers ) until finally, he was completely shunned from his town. He continued to watch the skies until he was one day plucked from them.

He'd be watched and perhaps toyed with; a play thing for a mysterious rich man with too much time on his hands.

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Always 'ave to make this complicated, Arch, do ya? ;)

IGN(in game name): Conrad Bell (The name isn't important really, but it's a casual starting point. Within the bio, you'll see that he'll accept C.O.G., or Cog for short.)

Desired Nick:

Conrad>Cog>C.O.G>c0g (it'll all make sense one day. ;) )


Birthed of the human imperial planet (though really, let's be honest, it's a slave based colony) of Mars, little Conrad felt that the real issue about why people fought and died over scraps was because there wasn't enough to go around. He sought out machines to cure those ails, but he quickly realized (at the tender age of 14 Martian years) whilst participating in political rallies that his influence was too small a thing to really make a difference. So he sought a plan. And within its plot, he devised a new world order; to do away with man in and of itself, that only the ego be left behind, to do as it pleased. To embrace the machines that give man new life, one that would surpass the undesirable needs, the unhealthy wants. He sought to rid the universe of the underdeveloped ego, the very one that refused science and progress, and to elevate the souls which would take part in his experiment.

To begin anew, in a new world, in a new colony, where men of intelligence would rule themselves alone, and where all others bent to the will of those worthy of sustaining the strength and power of "enlightenment".

But no, he will not tell the others of his final stage; his intimate plan. For now, he grows his colony. He builds his resources. And he does what he does best; he watches, and he waits.

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Ign: crank2gear

Nick: Crank

Bio: Came from the alien colony Icefield, Crank looks like a standard teenager with his hood and coat, but was transferred from Clarissa Frayne orphanage, which was testing dangerous products on unwilling children. Crank escaped and is now living among the minecraftians and generally doesn't trust many people.

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Crank your approved. once you set up your account on the skycraft forums, I will make sure your private thread is ready so you can start your journal of your days (and nights) in the server network :) You can start your public interactions though right a way and read other peoples public posts there. (same for Cog and GhostMap)

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Tekkit intrests: EE

Skype name: gingercon13

Time played on tekkit 1-2 years

Severs known on: ExtreamePro craft, Gearz tekkit


NICK: The Necrochemist (the dead alchemist)

BIO: Born as dark elf in the forbidden woods has always look for ways to change the natural ways of life, burn the earth and twist nature for years he was feared and hated by most all of this was brought on by the tragic history of him watching he parents ripped apart by raiders he hardly ever talk after this but over the thousands of years of his magical life he has had one love which gave compassion and kindness which made him change his ways and he blew up his tower and left the woods being. still hunted he came to the land of Dune to restart his life and regain his power and use his magic to help the good and destroy the evil lurking inside of people. The reason for settling on dune was he lost love said the will be reunited and the time when Dune will rise above all. APPEARANCE: after trying many disguises his last resort was to burn his body and enchant flames into his skin flames of purple and eyes too but no lips or mouth as he talks with telepathic magic.

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IGN(in game name):Reiniss


NICK:(what ever you want your character to be called)Maris

BIO: (Where your character comes from, why they live on the alien colony of your choice, what they look like briefly, any particular events that might have had an effect in molding their personallity)He comes from Earth his an scientist and wizard.They whear white shirt,pants his hair is yelow and he has black glasses.

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Reiniss tell me more about who your character is, what sort of things motivate Maris?

Rudedog12, you need to describe a bit more about the emotional state of a character, not your own personal skills and what you want, what does dogg want? where is he from, is there anything tragic that might make him who he is?

remember this is a roleplay site, so the character development is a must, once you establish this, your roleplay points will depend on following through on this character, also note, you can develop other characters too.

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