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[AOTBTReccomendedVersion] TekkitCore AOTBT | Public | 24 slots | Factions | Few Banned Items/mods


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Server IP:



This is the official release of TekkitCore's Attack of the B-Team server. We expect that while playing the server, you're mature and polite to other players. We are aiming towards a mature, family friendly community. I made this server because I've been working with servers for 5 years, and I have regained my love for Minecraft. Attack of the B-Team is one of my favorite modpacks out there. I decided to go public because I merged with a gaming network that didn't yet have a Minecraft division. I know that with my knowledge and troubleshooting skills that come along with a minecraft server, this can be a great opportunity for everybody. I have plenty of experience owning, managing, and moderating servers. I hope to see you play with us!


Server Rules:

Use Common Sense

No duplicating/exploiting

No hacking/cheating

No griefing server structures such as spawn


No items or mods are banned. If people decide to exploit bugs with mods to grief spawn or cause any internal server damage, then we'll have to start banning things.




Expected Uptime: 24/7

Teamspeak: ts.squadgaming.net

Our Website



Our primary server plugins:

Factions (with Factions+)


Banned Items:
Block Mover - Bypass to grief
Entity Mover - Bypass to allow mobs into spawn
Luggage - Duplication
Magnetic Force - Force TP to players
Master's Staff - Bypass to grief spawn
Present - Duplication

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