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Severe bug with Better Barrels and ProjectE



I encountered a bug when using a better barrel with a hopper upgrade (+facade) and an energy condenser (mk2 aswell):

When trying to get the items out of the energy condenser with the barrel the following error occurs:


This error keeps coming and prevents the server from starting (it automatically restarts itself once it's done loading) and makes the world this was placed in completely unavailable.

The same error occurs when trying to reconstruct the same pattern in a singleplayer world (unable to load the world again once its placed).

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      Modpack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/poke-engineer.1216358
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      On my Tekkit Legends server only with my friends, ProjectE wont work period. I tried to make some of the blue covalence dust, the recipe works but when I try to take it out of the crafting square it immediately goes back in. Even if i put myself in Creative Mode, if i try to place something down it instantly disappears. We've tried to update to ProjectE ver. 1.9.5 and it still doesnt work. The mod works perfectly in singleplayer for all of us. 
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