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I need some new headphones. Any suggestions?


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Earbuds are a nice replacement. Because they fit right into your ear, you don't lose any of the sound from the speaker not covering your ear. Sound leakage also happens less too. Not to mention they are less likely to break because they are small. Just make sure to get a pair that don't start to hurt after a while. A good indicator of whether or not they will start to hurt is if there are any protrusions on the part where the speaker is. Only major problem with ear buds is that they tangle easier than headphones because they have one more cord that goes to the other bud, instead of just one cord going to one side, and then going through the part connecting. Remember, you get what you pay for, so cheap buds are going to be pretty bad, and expensive ones will probably be better.

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I have Shure SRH-240's, wear them like 8 hours per day and they are GREAT! They need an amp, though, and might be just outside your budget, but totaly worth it!

I might get these because I've seen good things about these. Now I just need to get that extra $30. Anybody want lemonade?

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