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Star Wars Revan's Return (BUILDERS NEEDED)


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Hello everyone, I am in the future planning to open up a Star Wars based server. I plan on including a storyline and many fun side quests. I'm pretty decent with storyline and working with the CustomNPC's mod, but I'm not exactly the best builder. As it is now, I need someone to help build a spawn area. I'm hoping for a decent sized spaceship that the new players spawn in and choose what path they want to go down. (Sith, Jedi, Cyborg, Smuggler, ect...) Anyways, If you are good at building futuristic builds and the like I would love it if you could apply and join me in putting up this server!


I do have to insist that you are a good builder. I need someone who can build with detail and great design :)


If you are interested, please take a moment and fill out the following.


Ingame username- (For whitelisting purposes)


Age- (Sorry, but I'm not accepting anyone below the age of 15)


Coolest thing you have built!-


Amount of time you are available- (I do need someone who is somewhat active)


That's about it. This will be a modded server, so if you don't know how to install mods I would be more than happy to create a technic pack for you to download and use.


I hope to see you on there!



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