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[1.0.12c][ HorizonCity - BTEAM][pvp][survival/creative]

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Welcome to HorizonCIty - BTEAM


WEBSITE: www.hooptiesworld.enjin.com

SERVER IP: s10.hosthorde.com:25996

Our server setup as always been "controlled Anarchy"
meaning, we have a few rules but there primarily there to keep chat clean and to prevent
excessive issues that can damage the gameplay for everyone.

If an item is banned, its banned across the board! I rarely get on this server as I spend most my time on our vanilla server these days.
This server is literally a PLAYER RUN server. The shops are made BY YOU the community.


Basic info about the server setup:

you are the economy, NOT the admins!
you build the shops at your player bases. Though, there are a few ADMIN shops at spawn to help players get money initially. its really up to you- the player-
to create shops. Afterwards, we'll setup a /warp to your shop if you request it. You can either request an ADMIN to do so while there online, or contact us on our
website forum and ask for a FREE warp to your shop!

SURVIVAL OR CREATIVE!:  (NOTE: this feature as not been fully implemented, currently its just survival, with donors being able to change game modes.)
We want to allow B-TEAM to be fun for everyone! We don't want you to be annoyed by constantly losing your loot.
With that said, we have 2 worlds on the server, 1 for creative play, and the other for Survival Play.
(inventory does not translate between worlds)

From time to time, the owner or the admins may host event on the server.
these events will have prize's like CREDITS in our enjin shop, or REAL cash prize giveaways!

were a fun and free community. We really don't like to burned you down with all the rules you see on other servers & websites.
we believe that conversations should be encouraged NOT hindered.

Talk about your server, other servers, games, life, religion, politics... whatever you want to talk about your not going to be punished or banned :)
talk about other servers on OUR server, We DON'T care! talk about religion and politics in our chat module on the webstie or the server.
WE DON'T CARE! :) Just ... no bullying. that's the only real rule.




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I mainly put my time into our vanilla server. which is now on version 1.9 the IP for it is: s26.hosthorde.com:25657
This server was financed by me. But one of my members Luke30399 was the one heading it up.

I recently found out that it has several lag and crash issues. So, I'm taking a break from vanilla to step in and try to resolve the issues.
For the most part it's still playable. I just need to delete the items that all servers have to delete cause of dupe, crash issues.
problem is, I cant find that list anywhere... :/

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The creative side of the server is still be worked in.

Though, I'm considering changing the server over to be purely a creative bteam server.
Just wondering what anyone thinks about that? seems like most of the bteam servers are survival / towny
with MOST of the mods banned unless you donate.

It bothers me that theres no REAL free to play servers for bteam. :/


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