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Is it possible to complete the quest book 100%


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Played Blightfall, "Won the Game", very enjoyable, had lots of fun, a good mod pack and map but...

The quest book remains frustratingly close to 100% completion but not quite. Why do so many quests have to be hidden until you complete them?

Here's a list and what I've tried to uncover the missing quests.

The Instructor 90% complete.

I've died a few times but "borrowed" the rutile ore from the colony drop pod to "Un-Die".

Built a portal to the Last Millennium, gave the guy there a cake.

The Colonist 97% complete.

This planet is spotless, you could eat your dinner off of it. Got a big wall covered in badges to prove it.

The colony town is floating over the sea and the people are happy. Captain Mushroom's chair is still uncomfortable though.

The Xenobiologist 97% complete.

Through a combination of spawn eggs from the supplier, the thaumcraft Tablet of Necromancy and a blood thirsty attitude, I've killed everything with and without a pulse.

I've warped my mind to see the thaumcraft mind spiders, opened 2 Eldritch Obelisks to get to the Outer Lands and kill everything there.

Someone in another thread mentioned zombie pigmen spawned around the volcano, I haven't seem any there but have killed a few with the Tablet of Necromancy.


So, anyone know what I'm missing?

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You may have missed small things here and there, I do not think you can truly achieve 100% on the quest book. There are going to be small things you may just not encounter, such as mobs and such. If you have got the badge for clearly the planet and got victory village down, then you have beat the pack, no matter really what the quest book says. Don't let that discourage you to keep playing though. There are always things you can do.


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in the instructor i know something that shouldN't be completed theres a cheat part of it if you go on the jadeed and walk around the ship until you encounter the room with a small thing in it i think its the floor either above or downstairs  with orange windows go in it if you go close to that little tent thin its gonna give you the option to use "cheats"  in the insctructor part and by accepting those might be what missing an/or if you choose tutorials please or i need no tutorials! other might stay iuncompleted even if you can't actually do it now i hope i helped!

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