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[3.1.2] Tekkit Classic Server [Whitelisted]

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Hello! I'm Ethan and I started a server about a day or two ago and I am tired of playing alone. I'm looking for some friendly players who want to play with me. We can work together, or just live peacefully in the same world. Having fun with builds, machines, and even little pranks and jokes. Here is some info on the server.

- Whitelist is enabled it you want to be added, my skype is: dragonroleplay50 and my email is:
[email protected]
- Griefing and Raiding will result in me BANNING you!
- 10 slots
- Pranks, jokes and whatnot are always in good fun, as long as they are reasonable.
- Server runs roughly 24/7
- Nether and the End are enabled
- World and Dimensional Anchors aren't banned or limited, but I advise not using them as they tend to cause server lag.

Application By Skype or Email
Have you ever played on a server like this?:
Tekkit Classic Knowledge (1/10)

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