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Hopefully I am not being stupid - here goes: I noticed this and I was wondering what I need to update... I downloaded the launcher and everything went ok. Is the message I am seeing telling me that there is a newer beta version or am I wrong?


Also is there a way to disable Mo's sounds (or quiet them down)?

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Thanks - I appreciate the effort the maker put into the mod. but the nature sounds get a bit annoying after a while. Also I will just ignore the message (actually as the image shows: it should not show up again).

Yea, it should show three times once it's updated then stop until the next update. I also wish the frequency of the sounds playing was a little toned back as it seems almost constant.

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yes, matmos is just environmental sounds. I'm not a fan, but some people like that kind of thing. that's why I enjoy the f7 key

Ya its nice to have an option (f7). I wonder how the sounds were made - I doubt they are free but if one really wanted to they could get a environmental sounds CD and pull some out.

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Wait shouldn't this be in Bug Reports?

Sort of. It's not really a bug, as all it does is display a message that you can safely ignore until it goes away.

Don't you think one of the mods would have said that by now if that was the case?

Sometimes we just like to :munch: for the entertainment.

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