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[3.1.2]HelloCreeper [24/7][PlayerShops][Factions][PVP~Griefing~Raiding][65 Slots]

Ralsha Denmoon

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Transmutation Tablet, Nukes, Tank Carts, Some BuildCraft and much more allowed.

What is the best tekkit server?

Best Tekkit Server Around!

Ip: tek.hellocreeper.com:13377

Website: www.hellocreeper.com

About the Server

-You Start out with a start kit includes fly ring and redstone

-Most EE2 Allowed

-Rankup System

-We're mostly anarchy but we do have banned items that Enables Godmode, Invinc, and can Grief Spawn

-24/7 Dedicated Server

-Griefing is allowed anywhere except spawn & spawn related buildings

-No Spawn Killing

-We have LWC enabled

-We're a PVP Server

-Admin shops enabled

-Great Donation options

-Voting gets you items and cash

-Theft/Griefing within factions is allowed as well so becareful who you recruit

-Bases above the nether bedrock is allowed

-Tim The Enchanter Enabled (Donator Only)


Appeal on our Forums. Look to find the appeal.

No Hacking = Ban

No Duping/Caught with Duping Item = Player File Wipe, No Exceptions

No Spamming (Every 5 Seconds) Begging for items or staff = Mute 5 Mins, Mute 30 Mins, Mute 1 Day

No Advertising = Perm Ban

Stealing and Griefing In Factions is allowed

Tricking people into your faction and killing them is allowed

Scamming is allowed (Go get revenge on the scammers ;).)

Disrespecting Staff will result in mute and possibly ban

Want to become Staff? Make an app on our forums. www.adulterycraft.net

More rules on server.

Plugin List

Essentials, Factions, Factionsplus, Votifier, WorldGuard, Rankup, PaidRanks, Stargate, PVPTimer, LWC, Economy, Spam Guard, DeathTPPlus, SuperPickaxe, MobCatcher, Mobdisguise, Buycraft. +More

Item Banlist - Ingame signs explains why things are banned:

-Zero Ring, Nova Catalyst, Nova Catas, Blackhole Chest, Any Anchors

-Dynamite (Griefs Spawn - WeaponMod - Donator Only - ), Watch of flowing time

-Abyss Armor (Boots Allowed), Quantum Chest, Ender Chest (Crashes Servers), Amulets (Griefs Spawn), RM Furnace (Somebody figured out another work around to dupe with it. Currently Getting a fix for this so we can unban it.)

Items Banned In Spawn Only - The Server will auto remove them from your inventory

when you enter spawn with them. Put them into your alch bag and you'll be fine.

Nuke, TNT, Redstone Torches, Morning Star, Katar, All Rings

Our /Spawn Area


Our Chest Bank for Players


Our Warzone Area


RedPower Tutorial Area


Industrial Craft Tutorial Area


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Can't play this server, only 8 slots, constant restarts,admin obviously has no idea what he's doing, server could easily support like 50 people.

That's becuase we just switched to a dedicated server and was having trouble with the new McMyAdmin. As it keeps reverting back to 8 slots instead of the 50 slots. We setup the .conf correctly saying Max Players 50, Also when you log into McMyAdmin Web portal set to 50 and the server.properties was set to 50. When the system loaded it was giving a warning error saying max players exceeded and reverting back to 8 player slot. So We reverted back to using a bootup without McMyAdmin for now till we can work on it tonight. The restart was trying to get McMyAdmin to work as it kept on giving that warning error.

When we transitioned there were some minor hiccups happening that were still working on.

Server is online right now and working perfectly now.

If you'd like we can easily reimburse if you lost something during those restarts to get us up and running.

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Can't play this server, only 8 slots, constant restarts,admin obviously has no idea what he's doing, server could easily support like 50 people.

Kirtato. Blame me for the 8 slots showing up, there was an error with the .config of the McMyAdmin like Ralsha said, I am currently working on a start up script for the McMyAdmin so we further avoid hiccups, the server has MANY support staff with different expertise areas to allow for a quick resolution for all problems big and small, I must agree the server has a great community and is the most fun server out there :)


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