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[1.7.10] Classy Gaming | PvP |100 Slots | WarZone - Modded Warfare | Hiring Staff

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Classy Gaming is proud to be launching a new modpack with a brand new server to feed the hunger for those PvP enthusiasts.



Warzone takes the concepts from Tekkit; a tech oriented modpack and Voltz; a combat oriented modpack and combined them into Warzone. Furthermore we added more mods that we believe enhance both the tech and PVP aspect of the modpack. WarZone is a modpack created for all you tech and warfare enthusiasts, and for those who loved Tekkit and Voltz. We went back to the roots, and created a pack that we know you will love.

Download WarZone (Click Here)

Some mods:

IC2 (Classic)
ProjectE (EE2)
Computer Craft
Applied Energistics 2
and many more!

Connecting to the server is really easy, we have added two easy methods for the players to utilize. The modpack comes preinstalled with our servers ip on the multiplayer list, and we have also went a little step further and added a "Official Server" button on the main menu. 

Server is also up 24/7, hosted on a dedicated box to ensure optimal performance.


The Official Server for WarZone is ran by the creators of the modpack. Our team that runs the official server has a total of 5 years of experiences with modpack servers, two of these years were on Tekkit Classic and Voltz. We understand what makes a good server, and we want to bring the users of Warzone that same experience. The server experience we have designed is oriented around War. Where you and your friends can come on and create an army, destroy your enemies and conquer the world. Become a peaceful ally or become a powerful force that shouldn't be reckoned with. What you do is completely up to you. 

Our server was designed from the ground up for the players, and will change accordingly to what you the users want to see. We are here to create an atmosphere where you the users will have fun.


To ensure a great experience for all the players on our server we have to place some restrictions and rules. 

1.  Respect Staff & Players
2. No form of harassment
3. No excessive swearing and/or insulting
4. No Spamming and/or Cap locking
5. No Advertising
6. No hacking and/or Exploiting and/or Glitching
7. Do not abuse commands to gain an advantage
8. Use Common Sense
9. Most of all have fun on WarZone


We have also placed restrictions on certain items to ensure a reliable and fun experience

Restricted Items:
1. Destruction Catalyst
2. Hyperkinectic Lens
3. Catalytic Lens
4. Gem Armor [All]
5. Nukes
6. World Anchors + Chunk Loaders
7. Trade O Mat
8. Thermometer
9. Nova Catalyst
10. Nova Cataclysm
11. Crystal Chest
12. Florbs [All]

[X] Mining Lasers are banned from being USED but can be crafted/owned. 

[Check Spawn for update to date Banned list]
(List updated as of May 11 2016)








Application to join staff team:
comment below

Time Zone:
Why We should pick you?
Are you registered on our website?



Coming Soon.




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