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[1.1.1] Casual Gaming Aus [GREAT AUSSIE SERVER!!!][PvP/PvE/Survival/Factions][75 slots][OPEN][NO mods removed]

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[1.1.1] Casual Gaming Aus [PvP/PvE/Survival/Factions][75 slots][OPEN][NO mods removed]


logo.png.c577017f070b47c6efad8e4b188c1ff                                                                                                                                                                          mc.CasualGamingAus.com 


  • Respect Players and Staff
  • No duping
  • No world anchors
  • No hacks
  • No afk mods

Modified Gameplay

  • Chunk loaders are disabled
  • All duplicating exploits are fixed

The Casual Gaming Aus Community

Casual Gaming Australia is a community looking for new players. we run on our own dedicated server so lag is no issue there. We at CGA are here to ensure our player enjoy their stay withing our servers and community


On 2/5/2016 Hexicles said:

                           Me and my mates put hours into this server, was such a good experince!!


On 4/5/2016 Krauseeaus said:

                           Casual Gaming Aus is a very well put together server, great staff, great plugins... great time :) 


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